Posted: June 03rd 2015

Got this from Jude's Mam yesterday.

"Frankie All done, Jude already looking forward to the next (Holiday) programme (in August). After that niggle with his ankle, I must say he is reinvigorated, what with the 3 sessions he attended on a Tuesday with Darren Vincent and then the Whitsun programme. He has loved playing with older boys ("it's a challenge") and he's been very complimentary about the boys his age and younger who have worked hard and improved. So too has he, not that I know much ! I must say, from observation it was tangible what Malcolm Cook brought. I observed groups of boys in huddles, a real camaraderie which proved synergetic in Bristol. He also a great way of feeding back. On the subject of coaches, Jude is very complimentary about Huw Lloyd too! Jude enjoys his football at TSCA. He was on a high leaving Llandarcy on Friday. He even changed his lunch from Nuggets and Chips to a ham salad sandwich (peer pressure from Anton Lloyd) ! Anyway, see you soon Bec"

I love emails like this, because it captures a lot of what we work hard to create at TCSA:

1. A TEAM of outstanding Coaches We've got some of the highest qualified coaches in the country working with our 7 year olds. Traditionally in this country we get the 'best' coaches working with the oldest players. This means that players fail to fulfill their potential because they missed out on the best chance to learn when they were most able to absorb things. At TCSA, as much as we can we have the BEST working with ALL age-groups, including the younger ones... Why? Because the BEST coaching is important at EVERY age.

2. A Special Atmosphere One that is challenging and nurturing. Jude loves to be challenged, and he loves to learn. We aren't really interested in working with players who are satisfied with their current level of ability. To be able to come and have the bar set higher for you (challenge), and then get help to actually get over that bar (nurture)... That is an opportunity that is hard to find over and over again but that is what TCSA provides.

3. The Right Kind of 'Peer Pressure' At TCSA, the only ones who get left behind are the ones who choose to do things that do not help their development. We reward improvement and commitment. We highlight attitude and 'the best role models'. Older players are expected to set the bar higher for younger players... And THAT'S why we are able to see such reliable and consistent improvements in performance over time in TCSA players.

Looking to have the bar set higher for your son AND have us help him get over it?

CLICK HERE - TCSA's Fast Start Orientation

Have a cracking day


PS - By the way, Friday is the last day for new players to register for the June Fast Start is this Friday 5th June. This is the last month where new players will receive 2 weeks FREE in their 1st month