Posted: August 05th 2015

It’s a strange thing, but seems to happen

in all walks of life.


As you get more ‘successful’ some people

won’t like it.


I used to think it was nonsense.


But it’s true.


There will ALWAYS be ‘haters’.


TCSA has a few. Although our friends are



I have a few ‘haters’ personally, who would

LOVE to see me fail.


That’s pretty normal.


In fact, there would be haters even if we weren’t



Some people are actually walking about

HOPING to be offended by SOMETHING.


(Maybe with me, it's their reflection looking

back at them from my big bald, shiny head

ha ha)


They can’t help it.


So why let them stop me, you or your son?


Maybe he gets called names.


Maybe he is just ignored.


Maybe he is jumped on by others every time

he makes a mistake…


He needs to know…THAT stuff is all about

THEM, not him.


Something that is not often talked about, but

goes on all the time is…


When players step up to a higher level of

Football, it is competitive.


Not everyone will welcome your son with

open arms.


Some will see him as a threat.


It happens a lot at Pro Academies.


Players come in and never quite manage to

‘get in the click;


Parents can be the same.




It’s just something you have to deal with

sometimes. Not everyone will celebrate

your success.


In fact, some will hate it. They’ll have no time

to hear your story of blood sweat and tears

that got you there.


No interest in how much you DESERVE what

you’ve got and the opportunity to have more.


Because they approach life with a SCARCITY



They believe there’s only so much LOVE and

happiness to go around.


So you can approach it with a Buddhist mindset

of rising above it…


Or you can use their doubts and criticism as

MOTIVATION. To prove them wrong.


“The best revenge is massive success”


It’s all fuel for the same fire.


Your son’s SUCCESS and happiness.


NOW one thing that very few ‘haters’ do is

actually do the things they need to do to be

successful. They are far too busy whining

and moaning about other people.


STEP 1 is…be HAPPY for the success of

others. You probably don’t know the whole

story of how they got it.


STEP 2 is surround yourself with successful

people who can help you get to where you

want to get to.


Ideally, it would be people who have a track

record of producing the kind of results you’re

looking for...


STEP 3 join a group of like-minded people

who are on the same journey and believe

that your success can rub off on them and

vice versa


That's what our Advanced Small Group

Training Groups are all about


Enjoy today
PS - Tomorrow I'm gonna be talking about the narrow window
of opportunity your son has to get the most out of the game.
And how so many throw away their chance of doing what they
love... unnecessarily. And more importantly, what to do instead.