Posted: August 09th 2015

Got a nice video for you today.
Good one for your Football-Mad son to watch.
Diego Maradona, one of the greatest players
ever is featured in his heyday getting ready to
play for Italian team Napoli.
He's going through a 'different' kind of warm-up
In the stadium the song 'Live is Life' is being
Maradona gets right into the music.
He uses the rhythm to help him get ready to play.
Look at how relaxed he is. At how much he is
All the great players find a way to be 'themselves'
out on the pitch.
And above all they LOVE to play the game.
Encourage your son to enjoy himself out on that
pitch, always.
Of course as players improve, they can
enjoy the game MORE. After all, if Maradona
could only do a couple of 'keep-ups' and struggled
to control the ball, he wouldn't be enjoying it as much
would he...?
Of course not.
He had devoted his life to the game to become 'that
Even with an outrageous talent like Maradona, he
played and played. Practiced and practiced as a kid.
A lot of kids miss that point.
They want the 'rainbow but don't wanna put up with the
rain' (as Dolly Parton once said ha ha)
Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger puts it this way:
"You know the story about the guy who's a promising
pianist? One day he goes to a concert and he hears
a fantastic pianist. So he goes to see him after the
concert, and says to him, 'I would give my life to play
like you'"
"And the pianist replies: 'That's exactly what I have
If your son has this kind of commitment and passion to
developing his talent to the FULL, our Advanced Groups
may be for him:

Frankie Out
PS - Good start for the Swans yesterday at Chelsea in the 1st
game of the new season. Did did you watch it?
I missed it as I was at the Kaya Festival but looks like they played
Chillin out today. Going over my Mam's later for my brother
Patrick's birthday.
Have a good Sunday