Posted: October 08th 2015

Got this from Julie Jones yesterday

"Tom was low on confidence, due to some negative
experiences in school and was not playing at his best
for his local team.  Since joining TCSA, he has become

a completely different player. 


His confidence, his concentration,
his understanding of the game...have all improved.  As a

result, he is now getting more game time with his
local team... the coaches are recognising that Tom
has gone up a level and they value the contribution
he is making to the team. 


We joined TCSA because we wantedTom to play with
like-minded individuals. We don't know how far he will
go with his football but we are chuffed to see that he is
progressing in every department through doing
something he loves. 

We have noticed that - off the pitch, Tom has become
more confident in dealing with social situations that
would previously have been a challenge for him, and
 is better equipped to deal with negative behaviour from

In general he seems to be approaching the situations he
found difficult with more ease and confidence; he is
beginning to analyse situations and games and can see
the part he plays both on and off the pitch.  


Its easy for Mums and Dad's to think their children are the
best thing since sliced bread, and when you are trying to
help a youngster who struggles with confidence they can
be dismissive because your "just their Mum or Dad".
But through TCSA Tom is learning from professional
coaches that he must take responsibility for his own learning
and actions, they have instilled in him that he has a valid and
worthwhile contribution to make, and he is beginning to take
that learning into other areas of his daily life 


It can seem expensive and time consuming at the outset when
you enrol your child, but the investment is repaid over and over
again by the improved skills they learn, which over time enables
them to be more confident both on and off the pitch - we would
highly recommend TCSA as a positive strategy for developing
skills and confidence - it is certainly working for Tom!"

Julie Jones, Swansea

What a story...


Is there anything MORE important in life for any of us?

When we BELIEVE in ourselves...ANYTHING is possible.


The KEY word Julie used is investment.


It's no secret that we provide the most "expensive"

coaching in Swansea.


You could say, like Stella Artois "Reassuringly Expensive"...


We could try and compete on 'price' BUT THEN...


We'd have to take away so many of the things that make

TCSA 'a banker' when it comes to getting the best out of your

Football-Mad son...such as:


* Our unbeatable small-groups policy which allows for INDIVIDUAL



* The highest quality of coaching you can find in Wales -

inside our outside of Pro Academies (based on whatever

measure you want to use - qualifications, experience,

skills, values, character)


(What do they say? Pay peanuts, get Monkeys)


We’re talking coaching skills that you have to go ‘off the

beaten track’ to find and develop.


* Our unique coaching curriculum and grading system, which

enables players to follow a CLEAR pathway of development

from grass-roots all the way to PRO level


* Our 'family' environment where over time, coaches really

get to know your son as a person and this helps us get
the best out of him

* 'TCSA Family' extends off the pitch as well with our

fantastic Member Services manager Lisa Jones who makes

sure players and parents are looked after off the pitch

Want to INVEST in your son's potential with guaranteed

'returns' or you get every penny back plus £50 for your



ENROL HERE for a Fast Start 1 Month Trial

 Speak tomorrow




PS - Have a cracking weekend. We've got U8's

and U9's games this weekend...


Then it's off to town to watch Wales v Wallabies

(Egg Shaped ball) and then Wales v Bosnia

(Round Ball)


THEN, its down my Mam's caravan for a much

needed day of relaxation.


What are you up to?