Posted: March 23rd 2017

Here's some things for your football-Mad kid to think about to get more out of the game...

And solve one of the age-old problems ('I don't get enough of the ball!')

A little tutorial, if you like...

We've been talking a lot over the last few days with our groups about 'TRANSITION'

'Transition' in football is when you lose or gain possession of the ball.

Transitions happen all the time and it is a vital part of the game because it's when defences are so vulnerable because they are trying to get organised.

However, there are also other types of transition...

Anytime the ball, your opponent or teammate moves, you need to know how to respond and do it quickly.

The 'picture' is always changing in a game. An old Bricklayer called 'Buster' once told me 'if you can understand Chess, you can understand Football'.

I know what he means but I think there's a bit more too it than that...

A Jigsaw Puzzle

I like to think of football more as an interactive jigsaw puzzle that comes alive with each 'piece of the puzzle' an individual with it's own ideas and feelings, even though it's part of something bigger that lives and breathes too.


The puzzle changes every time a 'piece' is moved, which is every second.


Fascinating or what!?

Can you see why we love football so much?

No two situations that come up are exactly the same.

So there are many hundreds of decisions to make and problems to solve and MOVEMENTS TO MAKE and most of them are without the ball.

We asked the players in training this week at The champion's soccer Academy the following question:

How many minutes out of a 90 minute game does an everage player touch the ball?

50 minutes...? one said

40 minutes...? Said another

35 minutes...? Said another.

I had to break the bad news to them all...

The average player only touches the ball for a couple of minutes or so...

I felt bit like Lord Flash-heart in the TV series 'Blackadder' when he informs the new flying recruits that they are called the '20 minuters' not because they spend 20 minutes shooting Germans down before dashing off for fun and frolics; but because '20 minutes' is the average life-expectancy of a new flying recruit!

What a let-down.

But here's the good news for your football-Mad kid:

He can 'stay alive' in the game and have a lasting impact on winning 'the war' for his team, even if he's not touching the ball.

What you do OFF the ball has a MASSIVE impact on whether you and your team play well (+ it can get you on the ball MUCH more often)

What you do OFF the ball that counts - movements to create space for yourself and others to receive the ball and attack when your team has possession.

Movements to deny space to attackers and win the ball back when you are defending.

(after all if you can win it back 'the ball and game is yours)

Where to move, when and WHY..

Not to mention communicating everything you see to your teammates to help them (and you play well)

See... football at the top level is a game for THINKERS and DOERS.

That's why we work on developing brighter players on and off the pitch.

Ready to 'see the light'?

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PS - Remember, it's 5 years since TCSA officially was born next month. We've got a load of events to celebrate and capture the range of things we do to make a difference to players on and off the pitch. Watch this space - there'll be something for everyone.