Posted: October 07th 2015

Came home from training last night buzzin.


As usual we are seeing players improve…


Lovin their Football with TCSA.


But there was ANOTHER reason I was so

excited last night.


What happened then?


We had 4 boys trembling on the touchline

While they watched our Under 9-12 player

development session.


But I tell you what they ALL did it.


Did what?


Let me explain…


In September, we started our ‘Young

Coaches Academy’ with 5 TCSA players

having the chance to gain coaching experience

with since September working with our

younger groups…


And modeling the coaching of Huw Lloyd,

Darren Vincent and some bloke called

Frankie Burrrows


(Not a bad opportunity given there is 65 years

+ experience from grass-roots to pro level b

between the 3 of them)




They started off being responsible for kit,

equipment, taking registers …


Then we gradually starting to do

hands on coaching.


Last night we threw ‘em in at the deep end.


And that’s when the trembling started.




We set the boys the challenge of getting

from one side of the pitch to the other…


And the ONLY way they could get across the

pitch was to STOP the session…




Get the players’ attention, and make a

coaching point.


That was their ‘ticket’ to the other side of the



When I say trembling.


We had one player biting his nails…


Another shaking his leg like Elvis.


And another one pacing around.


They were asking questions non-stop.


They KNEW what to do.


They were just SO NERVOUS.


But they ALL did it.


And for their first go, they did VERY well.


Here’s U13 player Louie Pelosi making a

coaching point to our U11 player Rory



Amazing progress in just

one month


Just look at Louie’s open body, his use of body

Language through hand signals and gestures

And the attention that he has from Rory, just

two years younger than him.


Amazing progress in just one month.


The Young Coaches Academy has multiple



1. It helps our younger players to have older

players on-hand to encourage and support

them. they naturally look up to them


2. It helps the young coaches to understand

the game on a deeper level, which they can take

back into their own game


3. They are learning about planning, organisation,

communication, time-management and LOADS of

other stuff.


Overall, the boys level of personal responsibility is

going through the roof.


Like I said,  I’m buzzin.


And so were the boys after they had ‘got to the

other side’ last night after completing their



Talk about RELIEF… ha ha


This would benefit ANY Football-Mad kid.


But there is a criteria for entry:


You need to be a TCSA inner Circle Member


If your son’s not already a Member you can sort that

out here


You need to be in the Advanced Group


APPLY here: