Posted: September 08th 2015

He's only gone and done it!
We've had a boy with us for OVER FOUR years now.
One of our longest serving players (was there pretty
much from the beginning).
Joey Pelosi has never been the biggest'd
easily mistake him for a boy 2 years younger.
He's always been on the short-side. But I bet TODAY
he feels TEN FEET TALL.
He's been selected for the Swansea Schoolboys U15
A fantastic achievement and opportunity.
MORE IMPORTANTLY to YOU, as a parent of an aspiring
Because he had a lot to do to make up the ground
between him and last year's squad.
Joe lacked a lot of the things that many people believe
are necessary to 'get on in the game'..
* No reputation to fall back on...
* No connections
* No size ('They only pick big boys' say the moaners)
He went to the Schoolboys trials last year and came
away disappointed.
The reality is, he was some way off this time last year.
But his DEVELOPMENT as a player and as a person
in the last 12 months has been something else.
He always had plenty of passion and potential in Football
(like a lot of players out there..)
And after 4 years with TCSA, he had a lot of the 'tools'
he needed to play the game well.
But he was held back.
What was the invisible barrier blocking his path forward?
He doubted he had the ability...
He couldn't see HOW he could get to where he wanted to
get to. So what was the point in 'trying'...
(Actually there's never any point in any of us 'trying' as it
sets us up for failure...'do or do not do' as Yoda once said)
One Super Sunday last year, TCSA Super Coach Darren
Vincent had a 'bit of a pop' at Joey. Told him his effort and
performances were nowhere near what we expected of
Joe got upset.
The problem Joe had was, his coaches believed in him.
But he didn't believe in himself.
That's what we discovered as we drilled down into what
was going on 'inside his head'.
So we went to work on that.
1st step was getting him to realise that us demanding more
from him meant we BELIEVED in him!
It helped that he spent a lot of time with us at TCSA. He was
doing Accelerated Skills Training, Group Training, Matches
and then he enrolled on the Confident Player Programme...

It gave us a chance to build more rapport with Joey...


When you've developed more rapport... it also gives you a

chance to be a bit harder when needed (and Joey DID need it)


...thankfully he understood it was TOUGH LOVE.


2nd step was working on Joey's BELIEF.


Now here's where a lot of players hit a brick wall... because

they can be told 'you're a good player' until (your coaches and

parents ha ha) are blue in face...


But it 'aint gonna make a blind bit of difference until his

BEHAVIOUR changes.


Only when behaviour changes can you expect DIFFERENT

results to what you're already getting.


That's what Joey did, he changed his behaviour.


3rd Step was to design EXPERIENCES and EXERCISES

that Joey was prepared to 'go through' so that he could

come out the other side with more BELIEF...

THEN he started having breakthroughs.
Started outshining so called better players.
Started using his STRENGTHS because he understood
what they were and how he could use them to his advantage.
He added all kinds of things to his armoury and continues
to do add more and more...
(For example, Joey is enrolled on our 'Coaches' Academy'
where he is developing his leadership skills assisting TCSA
Senior coaches).

Special mention to Joey's Dad Andrew for trusting us to get

on with developing him.


How far can Joey go? Only time will tell...But I believe this

is a player who will do something not many will. He won't

get to 20 years old or 25 and think 'what if'.


He's gonna squeeze every last drop out of his potential.


Your son ready to get squeezing?




Enjoy the Indian Summer




PS - A quick glance through the Swansea Schoolboys

Squad list and no fewer than SEVEN players in there

who have graduated from TCSA. Oooffh!