Posted: April 21st 2016

Pictured: Kori Parker on the Bus to Fulham FC

Personal Message From Frankie

No video today

I'm feeling a bit rough and looking a bit scary (yes even more than normal) so gonna give it a miss.
I have got some CRACKING news for you though...
It's about the young fella in the photo above (he tells me his Mam says he's gonna be a male model if doesn't become a Pro Footballer...not that she's biased ha ha)
Kori Parker has been a TCSA Member for a year or so and has been accessing the Player Development Programme, which is our foundation programme.
His parents have been pleased with the way he has developed, overcame some an early setback in his career and built his confidence at TCSA.
This was one email we got from his Dad Jamie after Kori played in an important cup match:
"He played for afan nedd schoolboys on Sunday against pembroke 
schools. He was absolutely outstanding.. Probably the best iv ever 
seen him play. There was quite a few Swans and Cardiff academy players 
involved for both sides, and he was outstanding in his defensive and 
attacking play in the middle of the park. I had great feedback off the 
coaches, really impressed with him. He was over the moon when they 
gave him man of the matches. I must say Cellan was also outstanding on 
Sunday, didn't stop battling throughout. Can see they are both full of
confidence at the moment, absolute pleasure to watch. 
No doubt that you and TCSA coaches have given them this confidence, 
and long may it continue!"
(NOTE: Cellan Carter Jones is also a TCSA Member)
Although Kori has been successful at TCSA, like all of us, there is always more to come...
But there was a PROBLEM with the 'more to come thing'...
Although he was selected, Kori was not able to access our Advanced training due to funding issues. This was a big shame as he's not just another wannabee 'talented' kid.
In fact, as 'talented' as Kori is, it's actually something that is FREE to anyone who bothers to use it that sets him apart from a lot of others - his ATTITUDE.
This kid is polite, positive, caring about others and dedicated to his passion - the beautiful game. He not only inspires his teammates, he even inspires his coaches!
At TCSA, we place a HUGE emphasis on having a resourceful and positive attitude believing it to be one of the most reliable predictors of success and happiness on and off the pitch (which is our mission to help create for each of our players).
Thankfully, Kori comes from a resourceful and positive family.
They had no issues with the value of what's being offered. They knew we give access to some of the best coaches in the country, UEFA A-Licence Holders, Sport Scientists, Psychologists, Performance Coaches who have worked with World Champion Athletes, Coaches who have taken countless players from grass-roots coaching to the very highest level of the game.
We've all been there, where we've wanted something but haven't quite been in a position to come up with the coin..
I know I have.
Instead of feeling sorry for themselves though, Kori's family got creative...
'How can we afford this?'
'How can we make this work?' they said.
Ask and you shall receive they say...
BOOM - in comes Lynda Williams from Supreme Express Cleaning to sponsor Kori's Advanced Training at TCSA.
I want to give a Massive THANK YOU to Lynda for enabling Kori to access the Advanced Training that he deserves.
If you have links with local businesses and want to find out more about the Sponsorship Packages we are putting together. Send me a quick email back and I'll send you an info sheet.
A lot of our parents tell us they don't want to look back in few years and wish they'd done more to help their children meet his potential and make his dreams a reality. The pain of 'what if' is much worse than any knockbacks or defeats.
We're not talking Mickey-Mouse stuff here.
We're not messin' about (if you'd have been in our Staff Meeting last night you'd understand what I mean but I haven't got the room or the space in this email to show you now).
Along with our superb Coaching and back-up team, we are creating opportunities that mean no Football-Mad Kid in South Wales will be able to say there was nobody there to...
'show me everything I needed to know about the game'
'to help me learn about myself'
'to be that someone in MY corner helping me through the ups and downs'
'to test myself against Pro teams to see how close I am toy dream'
'show me that there is more than one way to 'make it' in Football and life' and have the track record to prove it'
Let's make it happen. Now. Together.
We haven't got forever.