Posted: May 14th 2015

I’ve always liked to THINK different.

When I was told that I had an ‘incurable illness’ I started looking for ‘alternatives’

Now, the problem I had was that there weren’t many examples of people who HAD overcome the illness I had.

I heard stories of people who had ‘somehow’ got better…but never any strategies I could reliably copy

I’d heard MORE about people who had NEVER recovered and ended up with it ALL their lives…

I wasn’t up for that.

So I started thinking outside the box.

Looked at people who had overcome other ‘incurable’ illnesses…



And now living symptom free.

Now, some of the stuff I came across was a load of crap.

But I felt I had a simple choice:

1. Sit tight and stew in my own juice and just ‘wait’ for a miracle


2. Keep searching until I found a ‘cure’

So to cut a long story short…

There was no ONE magic ‘cure’.

But there were ANSWERS.

I made a number of DRAMATIC changes to the way I was living my life.

I looked at EVERYTHING.

My lifestyle.

What I was eating.

My relationships.

My emotional health.

The way I was THINKING.

ANY area of my life where I was draining energy that could have been put to better use (HEALING my body)

The WHOLE Shabang.

And what happened was…

A picture started to emerge…

Of how I could not only recover

But be vibrantly healthy.

I started putting the pieces of the puzzle together

Thankfully, I’m still getting healthier years later.

Here’s one of the main LESSONS I learned:

If you’ve got a problem, there’s very likely gonna be SOMEONE out there has already ‘solved it’.

Your son needs to develop his Football Skills Faster and Easier…and develop a proper understanding of the game…

There are people who can help with that

He needs more confidence…?

Is suffering with anxiety…?

Has attitude…attention and focus issues…?

There are people who can help with that

  • He’s getting bullied…
  • Won’t stand up or speak up for himself…?
  • Is Shy around strangers

There are people who can help with that

He needs to develop physically – get faster, stronger and more coordinated

He wants to be a Pro, but has no idea how to turn the dream into a reality…

There are people who can help with that.

In fact, at TCSA we have a PROVEN track record of not only helping but delivering GUARANTEED RESULTS…

To people who FOLLOW our guidance

(After all, we can’t guarantee results to people who won’t listen to what works can we?)

We've done the hard work for you. Left no stone unturned in perfecting our model for creating top players and people..

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There aren't any shortcuts but there are ways you can accelerate the journey..

And make it more enjoyable

Speak soon


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