Posted: September 06th 2015

A couple of weeks ago shared a video about Southampton
FC Academy (Watch it again HERE).

In the video, Head of Youth Recruiting Rod Ruddick there
says 'when you sign a player, you actually sign a person.
And the person inside the player is the most important

Les Reed, Director of Football Development said:

"Our Scouts out there in the field are asking the questions.
Meeting the people that know them (the players). Asking
questions of coaches who may have coached them years
ago...and get a real good rounded picture"

I'm sure Malcolm Elias, who brought through most of the 
top stars that have made their name at Southampton over the
last ten years, would have a similar approach now at Fulham

(and if he would do anything different, I'm sure he'll let me
know as he reads these emails!)

SO...the question is...

What would your son want his local coaches to say...?

What would he want the Pro Club coaches to go back
with in their report?

Of course, if you asked him he might say 'Score Goals'
'Set them up' etc.

And of course that won't do him any harm.

But here's another thing to consider.

Another club with a proud record of producing their own
top players is Manchester United. In the modern era, it
was Alex Ferguson who decided they would churn out
players that had come through the Academy at UTD.

And they did.

This is the kind of stuff he asked his Scouts to find out...

* What does he play like when it's raining...?
* What does he play like when his team are 0-4 down?
* What does he play like in big games?
* What does he play like in 'easier' games?
* What does he play like against bigger teams?

In other words, the more 'savvy' Pro clubs are looking for
CHARACTER as well as ability.

They're looking for mental strength.

No good being at a top club if you don't have that...

That's why we PRIORITISE these qualities at TCSA.

And not just so he can impress Pro teams either...

Because it's gonna set him up for a better LIFE too.

We've only got to turn on the news to see what an
uncertain world we live in.

Those with a better chance of THRIVING in any walk of
modern life will have the SKILLS that we teach and help
kids develop at TCSA.

One of these is Leadership.

We already have a track record of developing young

This month we are launching our 'Coaches Academy'
where players have the opportunity to develop their
speaking, planning and organisational skills by assisting
Coaches at TCSA sessions.

I haven't got time today to even begin telling you all the
benefits that kids get from doing this.

But I'll tell you a quick story..

We saw it this summer when our older players supported
our younger players to the Welsh Super Cup.

Gave them feedback and cheered them on.

What an impact it had.

One of our Under 7 players, Milo,  woke his Dad Nigel up on the
4th Day of the Super Cup and said 'C'mon Dad, we're going

Nigel said 'No son, the Super Cup s over for your age-group.'

And Milo says, 'Yes Dad, but they supported us. So we're gonna
support them'

So off they went to Cardiff to watch the Under 11's!

Now that's character isn't it?

Want the same for your son...?


Enjoy the rest of our weekend


PS - Speaking of character...Wales have epitomised
spirit and character all the way through the Euro
qualifying campaign and will hopefully follow through
with a win today to take them through to France.

Our friend Roland from Holland has an interesting plan
for TCSA players if we get there...