Posted: August 04th 2015

In Football, especially kids Football…


It’s always an interesting phenomenon when a

player or even the whole team are on song.


Every pass is successful. They are attacking in

wave after wave.


Everybody talking. Tackling.

Scoring goals for fun.


It all seems so easy and effortless.


“This is how to play the game.”


“Why can’t they play like this more often?” people



Because at other times, it looks like they haven’t

played the game at all before!


Can’t string two passes together.


‘Couldn’t trap a bag of cement.’


Look like they've never played the game before

and certainly not with each other…


So let’s start by asking a better question.


Because if we ask “Why can’t we play like this

more often?” our brains will come up with

reasons why we can’t!!!!!!


Or if we ask, why are we playing so badly, our

brains will come up with reasons why…


Which is unhelpful.


So let’s ask.. what can we DO to play better?




Now we’re thinking differently.

Our brains are gonna start coming up with

better answers, because we’ve asked a better



Just by asking yourself this question, you will

by on the road to performing better.


Now I’m gonna throw in two suggestions:


1. Keep it simple


As TCSA Super Coach Huw Lloyd says…


When it’s not going right ‘go back to basics’


Focus on your first touch.


Completing the most simple of passes. Just

take and make sure it gets from A to B.


Keeping it simple is magical.


Because it gives you a chance to be successful.


Every pass, you can make because you focus

JUST on that pass.


Every tackle, you focus on winning the ball

and nothing else.


Staying goal-side of your man.


It’s amazing what happens when you are able

to stop the opposition playing….


ANYTHING positive you do with the ball is a



You start to gain confidence with every little



All of a sudden, you are able to do more

complex things.


You’re able to be more creative.


Because you went ‘back to basics’.


You found a rhythm again.


The ‘exhibition stuff’ is made possible by

the simple stuff.


Success breeds success.


2. Know what you do at your best


We worked a lot on this with our boys at the

Super Cup…




What time do you go to bed when you’re at

your best the next day?


(I know for me it’s between 10pm and 10.30pm

otherwise I’m ruined!)


What do you do before the game?


During the warm-up?


During the game itself?


As human beings we have an amazing capacity

to discover what works brilliantly and then we

STOP doing those things….


Our Advanced Group Training is all about ensuring

the players develop ‘SUCCESS HABITS’ that make

playing at their best easier and easier…




PS - This programme is for ambitious and committed
players only. You don't have to be a world-beater yet.
But attitude and desire to learn are pre-requisites.
There is a waiting list in some groups. If you want to be added to

the list, click the above link and fill in your application