Posted: November 12th 2015

I left my role as a Coach at Swansea City Football nearly 5 years ago now...

Its been a wonderful (mad) learning curve (which continues today) as to
what players need to get the best out of them...

I know, I know…

They 'ain't all gonna make it'.

We've had 17 players get through to pro Academies in the 4 years we have
been running at TCSA.
At the same time......
For us, it's just as much about personal development and churning out
more confident and happier people who know what they want out of life
and **know how to get it**...
Because they've developed TANGIBLE life skills.
(So often missing in Pro Football)
You don't develop life skills by chuckin 'em a ball and tellin 'em to crack
on with it.
You need a well-thought out development plan.

Myself, Darren Vincent and Huw Lloyd spent a couple of hours this
morning going through our curriculum and grading structure for our
players TCSA...

It gives players a step-by-step guide to get to where they want to be

and crucially shows them how close or how far they are away.

It is important to QUANTIFY it.