Posted: November 26th 2015

Here's one for you...
I talk to a lot of parents about how they can get the
best out of their kids and what a lot of people don't
realise is...
They already HAVE the 'tools' to be able to help them
sort out almost ANY problem or challenge.
The frustrating for you at times is...watching him
struggle...KNOWING how easily his problem could
be corrected if he just LISTENED to you...
So how do we get them to respond more easily...?
Well sometimes, its EASY.
We tell 'em what to do and they just DO IT.
And then at other times its 'how many do I have to
tell ewe'?
We've all been there (I know I have).
In kids Football, probably the hardest job is the parent
who runs the team that his son plays in.
I talk almost on a daily basis to Dad's who deal with this.
And  a lot of them tell me 'He won't listen. because I'm
his Dad"
So what can you do?
Well first of all, it's what NOT to do.
If you've told him once and he doesn't do what you ask.
Just assume you're missing ONE thing...

When you have rapport, the other person is far more

likely to respond...


It's like a dance...


Like getting on their 'wavelength'


Speaking their language


Entering the conversation in their head


Meeting them where they're at.


Here's a cracker:


'I don't care how much you know, until I know how

much you care'


The trick is NOT to try and change them.




Because they will RESIST.


But if you can 'Pace them' first, you will be able to

'LEAD them' in the direction you want them to go...


Whenever a kid is not responding to me in training the

way I want, I have to remind myself to assume we

haven't got enough RAPPORT.


Just remember, the ability to get RAPPORT is a skill

we all have naturally...


We just need to do the things we do naturally that

build rapport with kids...and then make sure we DO them

in the situation where want them to respond.


Simple, but not always easy.

Speak soon