Posted: November 19th 2015

That's what I've been focused on this week.
Living in between 3 houses....
1. Tidying up the last bits from the house we were living in
2. Moving stuff into our new home
3. Living in my girlfriend's parents' house while we wait for
the work to be completed on the new one.
No internet in ANY of the houses...
(Maybe that's a good thing?)
Boxes of stuff everywhere mun...
(Need to let some books find a new WAY too
On the PLUS SIDE...
A chance to focus on the absolute priorities in my life.
Those closest to me.
My health (My mental health is a little bit shaky I can tell
you after the last week ha ha...Rachel's parents Eddie
and Alison have played a blinder looking after us though
so that's helped me stay a bit more sane)
Focusing on ONE thing at a time with the Academy has
helped too...
I spoke a few weeks ago about focusing on STRENGTHS,
and that's what I've been doing.
I survived...
Thanks to our wonderful staff, Lisa, Darren, Lloydy and
Adam, the 'TCSA show' has gone on.
And lots of things have been working very well....
We've nearly sold out our NEW Elite Street Soccer
Programme already.
Some days I've literally had to say 'Ok Frankie Boy, if I could
only do ONE thing for the Academy today, what is the MOST
important things to get done?'
It's worked a treat.
So my question your son's game...
What ONE thing will he focus on when EVERYTHING seems
to be going to pot? He's 0 - 5 down. Nobody's passing to him,
it's raining...and his socks have been dyed a different colour
in the wash....
What will he PRIORITISE?
Here's a few ideas:
Will it be an EARLY NIGHT before a match?
Will it be the way he prepares and warm-ups?
Will it be 'doing the basics' well? Like a good 1st touch and
simple pass and move Football?
Will it be focusing on the things he does BEST?
This week's video is about how to help children who are 'shy'.
I talk about why that's not always a helpful 'label' and what to
say and do instead to bring a kid out of his shell...
By the way, we've had record numbers coming in for our FREE
Confidence and Skills-Boosting Taster Sessions...
We now have TWO Enrolment Nights per month to accommadate
new players wanting to join TCSA.
A warm welcome to the following players who have joined recently:
* Ella Stephens
* Christian Stephens
* Jordan Thomas
* Finley Jones
* Joshua Harris
* Bradley Parry
* Caleb Williams
* Kian Watts
* Samuel Jones
* Harvey Davies
* Ben Davies
* Sam Williams
* Izak Robbins
* Brandon Hookings
* Ryley Parker
* Harry Pugh
* Andrew Richards
* Ashton Kelly
If I've forgotten anyone I'm sorry...(give me a break I'm moving
house mun... ha ha)