Posted: June 24th 2016

This is what TCSA U7 players Rueben said

when he found out we were doin Yoga...(again)


“Oh no! Yoga hurts. It can put you in hospital”


Thankfully, TCSA U8 advanced player Zak jumped in before I could....


“No, no...” said Zak. “Yoga keeps you out of hospital Rueben”


Ha say the funniest things eh?


We introduced Yoga at TCSA about a year ago.  The lovely Annie has

been coming in to every Holiday Programme and doing sessions with

with TCSA players.


There are endless benefits.


Of course there’s the obvious ones like becoming more flexible

and staying out of hospital by becoming less likely to get injured

(Nice one Zak)


But there’s MUCH more to it than that of course...


There’s a whole Philosophy behind Yoga that Teaches a complete

approach to LIFE.


I’ve been into it on and off for around 12 years.


I’m not about to get into all the ‘Yoga Philosophy’ stuff now but I’m

gonna pick out ONE BIG THING you and your Football-Mad

child can take away today to enrich his game and his life:


Personal Responsibility




It’s an Individual Practice


Like a number of Team Sports, in Football there is a chance for

players to HIDE...

Letting others ‘do their running’
Not tackling and coming back to help out in defence
Not moving into space to create passing options for teammates
Not passing to others because they ‘didn’t see them’
Not wanting the ball in case they make a mistake

In yoga, like a lot of individual sports, it’s down to YOU.


There’s no place to hide.


Struggling with something in Yoga?


Nobody to blame either...


You just have to decide whether you want to get better or not.


(And whether you want to really KNOW why Ryan Giggs and

other top players swear by it.)


Doing individual sports can be great to complement

development to team sports.


It’s good to bring in the kind of personal accountability and

responsibility, that is there naturally in individual sports, into

team sports.


For example...


Each player is (or should be) playing because they LOVE it.


That's why parents should insist that kids get their own kit

ready...find out what time training is...etc It's THEIR game

after all.


PLUS, it's about how they approach it when they're there too...


Anyone who has tried yoga will know that, you have to accept

your limits...for now


Not everyone will touch their toes straight away (and maybe

some never will) but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy and

benefit (same with Football)...


But I've found the sooner you accept your current limits, the

easier it is to go further than you thought you could (In Yoga,

Football and life)


Encourage them to realise that struggles and challenges

are PART of the game (and part of life). Help them to

learn to LOVE a challenge (what young boy doesn’t LOVE

a challenge anyway...?).


If you can do that, they will truly love EVERY session

and game because there will be challenges EVERYWHERE.


Of course he will need help.


From YOU his loving parents.


From his teammates.


And from his coaches...


With our Small groups, Professional Coaches and Follow

Up Support, TCSA is a place where you can get the kind of

help that can transform the fortunes of players on and off the 

pitch (when they have personal responsibility in place of course

- we're coaches, not magicians after all...)


Have a great day (and weekend - hopefully with a Welsh win


Frankie  'Still Can't Touch My Toes But Getting There' Burrows 

PS - The players were buzzin this week in training at TCSA.
We're going right through July as we build up to the Welsh 
super Cup in August, always an exciting time of year...
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