Posted: June 10th 2015

"If I see a kid drop off, I look at myself and say

'Can I work with this kid differently…?"

That's what a coach said to me at a top Premier

League Club (This club has won the European

Cup a number of times).


I was interviewing him as part of an in-depth

study I made of the philosophical approaches of

Premier League Academy Coaches.


At the time, I loved the above statement. Why?


Because as a player I yearned for a Coach who

understood me…and would spend time with me

to help me make the impact I wanted to make in

the game…


One of the main drivers of my decision to become

a coach was the LACK of PROPER coaching I

received as a kid.


I intuitively understood the value of it.


Just didn't get much of it, if any.


Only when I got into the Welsh Schools U18

squad did I get what I would call some sort of

Professional Coaching and training…


That's why...


From the word go… as a Coach I've been hell-

bent on providing EVERYTHING a player

NEEDS to succeed.


That means taking responsibility for getting ‘my

game’ right as a Coach.


Always look at ‘yourself first’ is a mantra my

Father taught me.




Once you’ve looked at ‘yourself first’


Then it’s time to look at


- The Parents and


- The Player himself


Brendan Rodgers says 'I'm a Coach, not a



And he's right.


Some parents (and players) want miracles.


And they want to hold coaches FULLY

accountable for how the player progresses…


Forgetting the part THEY play in this complex,

dynamic. messy and wonderful process we call:


'Player Development'.


Read this caption which has been doing the

rounds on the internet. Not sure where it's come

from but it does make an important point.


"You child's success or lack of success in

sports does not indicate what kind of parent

you are.


But having an athlete that is coachable,

respectful, a great teammate, mentally tough,

resilient and tries their best IS a direct reflection

of you parenting."


Coaches aren’t responsible for what time the kids

go to bed, what they eat every day…and how they

behave in a million and one situations…


Parents are of course.


Does that mean you have to blame yourself every

time your kid has a tantrum or ‘stops trying’?




It just means it may not be the Coach’s fault either.


You are the one spending every day with your son.


Therefore, YOU have the biggest opportunity to

positively influence the way he thinks and behaves.


Our job at TCSA is to provide two things:


1.The right ENVIRONMENT for your son to grow


2. The right coaching ‘tools’


We do this better than ANYONE outside the Pro

Game...(and plenty actually IN the Pro Game)


We even provide ‘tools for parents –

CLICK HERE to find out more.


Players and parents are responsible for learning

to use those ‘tools’ effectively…


At TCSA, it’s a TEAM effort from players, coaches

and parents.


And when you have all three of this 'magic triangle'

on the same wavelength..and pulling MORE than their

own weight...

The sky really is the limit.


PS - Fair warning. Our August Holiday Programme
is already close to capacity. We had an incredible
response with bookings after our Whitsun Elite Week.
We have another Festival slap bang in the middle
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We already have a couple of Pro Academies
confirmed with many more interested.
The Early Bird Offer runs until end of July...
We may fill up WAY before then.
Because we MUST limit our numbers to keep our
promise of smaller groups and quality attention.
So keep your eye on your inbox tomorrow to make
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