Posted: April 20th 2015

“Why is that kid picked instead of my kid?”

At local level it SHOULD be all about game time.

LOCAL teams are there to serve the community. Introducing youngsters to the game and helping them ENJOY it.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work like that.

There’s always some ‘coaches’ hell-bent on ‘poaching’ the best players from all over town meaning some kids from the community miss out on playing for their local team.

Plus, if everyone developed their OWN. We'd have a much higher standard of player across the country.

ANYWAY…that’s another story…

When you talk about going to a higher level, it’s different.

NOW, coaches and selectors have a responsibility to find the BEST players they possibly can.

This means saying to NO to many and yes to a few.


So how do you ‘get an edge’?

You can encourage your son to be a VICTIM…

Of someone else’s misjudgement

Of favouritism

Of a conspiracy

(All of which no doubt DO go on…)

OR you can encourage him to take RESPONSIBILITY…

For where he wants to get to…

In Football and in life.

Some have been ‘rejected’ or overlooked by higher level teams already.

Others don’t even realise their ‘wake up call’ is coming. They are already ‘in’ the teams they want to be in, but they are WAY too comfortable…

And many will only ‘get their wake-up call’ when it’s too late…and they’re OUT.

Around 12 years of age is when a player needs to START getting his act together, if he has aspirations of progressing to a higher level of Football…

Otherwise other players WILL get in ahead of them and may be hard to catch up

Here’s 3 Reasons Why Other Players May

Get Picked Ahead of Your Son?

1. They have a BETTER ATTITUDE


They WANT to improve.

They want to listen.


Their coach gives them a challenge or an instruction - And they IMPLEMENT it.

I worked with a player at Swansea City who was the ‘Super Star’ of the team from the age of 8 to 16.

But when it came to handing out Pro contracts at 18 – he missed out.

And it was clear that it was his ATTITUDE that had let him down, not his 'ability

He’d stopped LEARNING…YEARS before he finally had his ‘wake up call’… and it was too late.

2. They have the right GUIDANCE

Their parents choose the BEST place for their child to develop

They get IMPARTIAL advice

They find out EXACTLY what he needs to do to meet his potential

And uncover what could hold him back, if unaddressed.

3. They are BETTER players

Your son may have a number of positive attributes. But it’s like the card game ‘TRUMPS’

If you’re up against a player who has ‘Aces’ in every suit – HE WINS….

The only way to ‘get ahead’ is to develop your ability to such a high level that you STAND OUT from the crowd…

In ALL areas…not just some.

At TCSA, we help with all three:

  • Attitude
  • Parental Guidance
  • Coaching all of the skills players need to THRIVE

TCSA Fast Start Orientation

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