Posted: August 10th 2015

Over the last year or so, I’ve become very aware of



And wanting to make the most of EVERY moment.


Don’t get me wrong. I still waste time like everyone



(Facebook has got a lot to answer for ha ha)


I’d rather spend time developing:


1. even better coaching programmes with our staff,

2. working with players and parents that are

a good fit for us (and of course, us for them),

3. arranging more games against professional teams.


What I’ve realised is… if we take the wrong people on, it’s

ALL MY FAULT for not making it clear who wouldn’t enjoy it.


So this may SAVE TIME for you if you are thinking of

enrolling your son at TCSA…


(Better to be honest now and save time for all down the road)


You won’t enjoy and benefit from TCSA’s unrivalled

Professional Coaching if:


1. You’re Not Ambitious


To enjoy our training, players are required to WANT to get

better. It’s all about ENJOYING through IMPROVING.


You can have a ‘kickabout’ anywhere for free after all…


Or join a more ‘baby-sitting’ type Soccer School, where its

about giving them something (anything) to do for an hour to

keep ‘em out of trouble (nothing wrong with that btw)


That brings me on to my second ‘type’…that I want to save

time for…


2. People Who Think 'cost', not investment


Parents who's children do well with us are ‘investment-minded’.


(There are BIG ‘returns’ in the shape of more CONFIDENCE,


take them to a higher level)


They focus on VALUE, not price.


Cynics see ‘the cost of everything and the value of

nothing’ as Oscar Wilde once said (Hellova man for a quote

old Oscar)


3. ‘Tourists’


People who want to come along and ‘have a look’ and ‘dip

their toe in’ without ever 'jumping in', don’t tend to do well

with TCSA.


Of course, you can try it out ‘risk-free’ (which is

what our ONE MONTH FAST Start Proramme is all about

with our 100% enjoyment, confidence-and-skill=boosting



But you will only get the ‘magical’ RESULTS our

Members have achieved by actually following our guidelines

(they are proven to work, so why wouldn’t you?)…and

sticking with it for years, not weeks and months


It’s about getting involved. Participating.




See, we don’t have customers. We have MEMBERS.


(There’s a BIG difference)


And some of them have been with us for 4 years now.


4. Know-It-Alls


Some parents can’t help telling their kid what to do when he is

playing and it puts the kid off.


Also, some parents are suddenly ‘experts’ in coaching

and running a successful Soccer Academy


I’ve now started inviting ‘armchair experts to set up their

own Academies…become our direct rivals and let's see

how we get on


)Of course, constructive feedback from our Member is

vital and we ask for it regularly - and importantly, we ACT

on it)


5. Moaners and Whiners


They tend to hang around with ‘Know It Alls’.


Picking apart everything that is going on with coaching.


Like ‘snakes in the grass’, they lurk on the sidelines…

Bad-mouthing coaches and other people’s children.


Even worse, they undermine their own children by

being so ‘negative’ about everything that it rubs off

on them…


So if any of the above sound like you, best to give us

a wide berth.


And you’re probably going to want to unsubscribe

from these emails too…


(Time-wasting again otherwise aren’t we?)


For everyone else, who wants the best possible start

in the game (and the game of life) for their child




Have a fantastic week




PS - Our main training groups are close to capacity.

Which means there are only a handful of spaces left for

our September Fast Start ONE MONTH TRIAL.


Fill in the form at this link or call 01792 421600

to APPLY today


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anyone else, so if you're prefer to not receive these

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