Posted: October 06th 2015

We all want a better life.

For ourselves and the people we care about.


In Football, you want your son to simply be

as good as he can be…


That’s what most parents say to me.


(And I speak to a lot)


At times you might feel like his biggest fan.

And at other times his biggest critic.


But if I know one thing about you, it’s that

you want your boy to be HAPPY and success-

-ful doing something he loves…well.


But it’s easier said than done isn’t it?


There’s so many barriers…obstacles to

get past.


Just GETTING HIM there some days is hard

work for you with everything else you’ve

got on your plate.


Never mind helping him being a super-star…


So today, I want to give you a massive

pat on the back and say ‘you’re doing alright’.


How do I know…?


You’re reading this email for start.


You clearly want the best for your son.


You’re on the look-out for strategies.


Ideas on HOW to get the best out of him.


You HATE to see him struggle unnecessarily.


You just want him to go as far as he can go and

not be ‘held back’ by ANYTHING.


I know it sometimes may seem like other kids are

getting all the opportunities. All the attention.

And your son is left behind.


Look, we ALL beat ourselves up at times.


We all need reminding to simply go out and



Including me, you and your son.


We’re all on this journey together.


We all need to find ways to remember that we’re



And I’ve found a couple that really work well for

me (3 in fact).


1.    Write down what you’re grateful for


For me, I’m grateful for my girlfriend Rachel

who supports me in so many ways so I can do

what I do.


I’m grateful for our fantastic Members who

believe in what we do. The positive vibes

really keep us going.


I’m grateful for the unbelievable staff we have

at TCSA. I’ve got people around me that I

really trust (Believe me, in Football its hard to

come by) and as chaotic as it can be at times

that gives us stability and strength.


These are BIG ONES. I also write down simple

things like having a nice hot bath after getting

soaked while coaching (ooooohh lovely)


What about you and our son?


2. Look at everything you’ve done well


Write down everything you can think of that

you’ve done well.


Football…School, work, relationships


This is a big one for the parents as I’m sure

you’ll see how you’ve made your kids’ lives

better…(no matter how many times you’ve

cocked up)


I was on a right downer a couple of weeks

back. Got a pen and notebook and wrote down

everything I’d ever done well.


Felt 10 feet tall.


Get your son doing it.


It’ll boost his confidence.




It’s amazin how easily the human brain focuses

on what we DON’T want.


And forgets what we DO want.


That’s why it’s good to remind it (the brain)





What do you WANT? Today? In tonight’s session?

In the game this weekend?


Just by setting the intention to ENJOY a coaching

session, Guess what happens…? I always DO


(the trick is remembering)


It’s the same with achieving things…


Your son can go a lot further than he may think,

just by staying focused on what he wants.


There’s nothing wrong with ambition in Football.


The problem lies in wanting something, then not

DOING anything about it.


If you have a son who is ambitious and has the

INTENTION to be a great player…


Do something about it.




Speak  tomorrow



PS - If you think the 3 things I've given you above won't

work, you'll be spot on. But then again, if you think it WILL

work, you'll be right too...


Funny how it works innit?