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Apply for The Champion’s Soccer Academy’s ‘FREE Confidence-and-Skills-Boosting Professional Coaching Session' Today and Receive:

* A FREE Professional Coaching Session (£15 Value)

* A FREE TCSA T-SHIRT (£10 Value)

* FREE Coaching Report on your son's ability in 5 key areas (£20 value)

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What Parents and Families Are Saying About TCSA's Fast Start Programme:

"After a bit of online research, I was impressed with what I saw, especially the overall message of TSCA.I loved every minute of it, from the warm welcome to the pro academy standard session, really well paced drills, really clear direct coaching but best of all was seeing how my son was responding and enjoying his football again.You really have nothing to lose (more to gain), as the people and set-up at TSCA have the best interest of each individual child at heart, they
really are geared towards helping them learn, achieve and grow in a team environment."


Pictured: Teddy Lowery


Kevin Lowery



"I was looking for soccer coaching for my eleven year old grandson, to improve his skills and confidence and came across the fast start offered by The Champions Soccer Academy, a two week free taster of the Academy experience. Henry was quickly and efficiently 'signed-up' and the whole experience from that point on was superb. We were warmly greeted at our first session and by the end it was as if Henry had been there for years. In just two weeks his confidence has grown and he is playing football with so much more ease and enthusiasm, enough for a fellow parent to comment that he looks like a 'professional' on the field... such a change."

                      Graham Ford, Bridgend

“My son loved the environment and the small groups. He came back beaming begging to go again”

My Son was really enjoying his football at his club with his friends and the amazing Dads that were running the coaching were doing a fabulous job but having a daughter who was receiving pro swim coaching we were really interested to see if our son would benefit from experienced pro coaching in addition to what he was getting at his club. TCSA coaching which was more focused to smaller groups and working on particular skills.
At first I had some reservations about the cost as I was used to paying a negligible amount to his club as you have parents who give up their time but when you put it into context and compare to other sports like swimmimg and tennis or music lessons it is actually REALLY good value! . I also was concerned how he would be training with a load of lads and coaches he didn't know but My son loved the environment and the small groups He came back bemeaing begging to go again. I also received a very detatiled breakdown of my sons strengths and where he needed to work on. On top of this I received verbal feedback about his character which summed him up to a tee it was as if Frankie had known him years not an hour.
I have seen my son almost immediately applying things from the coaching which has taken his game up an notch already and I am fascinated to see where he will be in 12 months.
I have been blown away with the interest Frankie and TCSA has taken in my son and the obvious passion they have for his improvemet. I can't speak highly enough of the coaching and how grateful I am that we discovered it and that it is on our doorstep!
Ultimately it is all down to the child as all the best coaching in the world is pointless if the child doesn't enjoy but I can honestly say that my son absolutely loves it!
If as a parent you are weighing up if it is a worthwhile investment take the free session its a no brainer as you get amazing detailed feedback from a very experienced professional but importantly a neutral eye which even if you don't decide to continue is worth its weight in gold but my guess is once you see the gains and how much your child enjoys you will be hooked just like us!
Thank you Frankie and team"


Pictured: Corey Wilkins with his friend Harvey


"Hi Frankie, My son Harry and his mate Lewys came along for the first time last night. I'd like to say a thank you to you and the other coaches. I was slightly apprehensive of him joining an already established group as he was already comfortable within his own local team. I have to say, any fears/apprehension I had to start were totally dismissed the second they both walked onto the pitch. The instant welcome they received, from coaches and players, was fantastic and both were made to feel at home straight away, even with the simplest idea of giving them the t-shirts so that they fitted in, and as for the handshake gesture - nice touch! Once again, thanks for last night and I know that both Harry and Lewys can't wait for the next session and many more. Cheers Andrew Lambert."

"My son recently attended the free session, having very little football experience both myself and Ryan were very nervous attending his 1st training session. He was welcomed into the group and made to feel comfortable by both the boys and Frankie and quickly forgot about how nervous he initially was. I feel that... his confidence has grown and he has made a big improvement since his 1st session. I would recommend this program to any young boy with an interest in playing football."

Kirsty Castelany, Swansea

Dear Supportive Football Parent,

If you are serious about giving your son the very best possible start in football and in life, this could be a ‘game-changing’ opportunity for him…

When you consider the profile of Football and the impact it can have on a youngster’s life, choosing a ‘Soccer School’ or Academy could be one of the most important decisions you ever make in your football mad son’s development, both as a player and as a person.

With so many options out there for Soccer training and coaching, it can be difficult to know whether you are making the right decision. That’s where TCSA’s Free confidence and skills-boosting session comes in…

Hi, I’m Frankie Burrows the Founder & Director of The Champion’s Soccer Academy (TCSA).

Together with my team of expert coaches, we've 'worked our socks off'  to create programmes proven to take virtually ANY young footballer’s game to the next level. We are able to consistently achieve dramatic and lasting improvements in players for 3 important reasons:

1.  We get to know all our players individually over time, to understand what makes them ‘tick’ We create better players
by creating better people first. It's much easier to do this because we guarantee small Coach-to-player-ratios – a maximum of 1 to 8 – so we can give your son the attention he deserves

2. Professional Coaching and environment. We are a team of highly skilled coaches and professional educators – with 100 years + ‘in the trenches’
experience from the grass-roots to the elite level (and yes that means we have Coaches that have worked with full-time Pro players). We work extremely hard to create a relaxed, fun yet stimulating environment. Parents LOVE the discipline and focus our players learn at TCSA.

3. Individual Pathway and Support. which ensures EVERY player can keep moving closer to his dream, no matter what barriers or stumbling blocks stand in his way

The Secret Is Out

We are no longer Welsh junior and youth football’s ‘best kept-secret’. You may have seen us featured in The South Wales Evening Post recently, heard about us on ‘The Wave’ or learned about us through Facebook, Twitter or just old-fashioned word-of-mouth.

We have established TCSA as the Number 1 Independent provider of quality small-group training and team-coaching largely thanks to referrals from our happy members and their families. Not to mention the 17 boys who have been signed by Professional Clubs after 'graduating' from our Academy (with two boys currently on trial). TCSA is the type of Academy that MUST be experienced to fully appreciate the incredible sporting and personal development opportunities we provide for our Members.

That’s why I created the Free confidence and Skills-Boosting Session. I know that talk is cheap. I know that its easy for us to say how great we are. I know that you may even doubt the dozens and dozens of fantastic testimonials from our more than satisfied TCSA Members.

So we offer those who qualify (i.e. players and families who will really benefit - we're only for players who want to get better and improve significantly in their confidence, skills and attitude) the chance to come in to The Champion’s Soccer Academy and prove to yourself that we can be the ‘difference that makes the difference’ in your son’s sporting and life development!

If you do qualify, your child or teenager will have the chance to experience our unique coaching on TCSA' Fast Start Orientation. It helps us assess your son's needs and get to know how to get the best out of him. PLUS...We want you to be absolutely sure that when you do enrol your son as an Inner Circle Member at The Champion’s Soccer Academy, he is in the best possible hands.

How It Works

TCSA's Fast Start is a great chance for your son to meet his new teammates, experience the type of training he will receive as a full member, and also for you as parents to speak to our players’ parents (which we encourage) to find out why they continue as Members long term.

1. Your son will be warmly greeted by his coaches and new teammates receive his TCSA T-shirt on arrival at his first session.

Depending on your child or teenager’s age and stage of development… and the time of year, he can try out our:

* ‘Little Champs’ Skill-Building Programme - 4-6 year olds

* Player Development Programme - 7-8 year olds

* Player Development Programme 9-10 & 11-12 year olds

* Player Development Programme 13-15 year olds

2. After your son has attended his first FREE session...he will be presented with his FREE Coaches Report (written by the coaches who have worked with him during his first session) at our Enrolment Night.

This session is held at the fantastic Dragon Hotel, Swansea (Date and time TBC when you enrol on the Free Session)

There’s more…

There is no paperwork to sign other than a simple consent form. PLUS, your child or teenager will receive a FREE TCSA T-shirt just for enrolling on the Free session..

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. If after your 'Free Confidence and Skills-Boosting Session' you decide its not for your son, we will part as friends and you can even keep the FREE T-Shirt.

My Promise

Look, I know we are the very best option for young, aspiring players seeking fast and dramatic improvements in skills, learning, confidence, fitness and performance. And I say that without a trace of ego. My team and I are able to get AMAZING RESULTS because we are simply so passionate and have put blood, sweat, tears and, crucially, THOUGHT into the creation of our programmes. We've made more mistakes than anyone on our journey.

We know we can help your son achieve the break-throughs he’s been dreaming of. But TALK IS CHEAP. It’s easy for me to talk my own Academy up. Harder for you to believe if you haven’t seen it for yourself. The Fast Start is your chance to PROVE IT TO YOURSELF! For any parent of a football-mad child or teenager who doesn’t want to look back in years to come and not regret doing more to help their son have the best opportunities to develop as a player and as a person – this really is a NO-BRAINER.


Due to our small-groups / personal attention appraoch, every month there are a very limited amount of spaces available on the Free confidence and Skills-Boosting Sessions (See box below for the latest number of spaces available). So you need to act fast to get your son enrolled for the next session. We have also cleared spaces in our diary every week to have a follow-up chat with parents after their son has finished the Fast Start Orientation.

CALL 01792 421600 or CLICK HERE TO APPLY to secure your child or teenager’s place on the Free Confidence and Skills-Boosting Session.

It would be a ‘Football Crime’ for YOUR football-mad son to miss out!

Looking forward to meeting you and your family soon.

TCSA Founder and Director

P.S. We pride ourselves on making new players feel welcome. Come in and let your son put us on trial for a Confidence and Skills-Boosting session and see for yourself what we are all about, and more importantly how much we can help your son get more out of the game. Just remember that spaces are limited per group, per month so BOOK TODAY Click here to apply.