Who will The Champion's Soccer Academy's (TCSA) Coaching work for?

Young, aspiring players who love Football and wants to get better. Plus any player that wants to play at a higher level, whether that's getting good enough to be picked for your school or local team; being selected by Pro Clubs or even playing for your country like some of our graduates have at TCSA.

What makes you different from other coaches and 'soccer schools' out there?

1. Small-groups and individual attention

2. Professional coaching and Personal Development

3. Support & follow-up

If you take a look at our ‘About’ page, you will see the reasons why I set up TCSA. We truly believe in coaching each child as an individual and getting to know 'what makes them tick'. This is made easier by our small-groups policy. Of course it takes time to build a great relationship with players and parents. It's not something that can be rushed and there are no quick-fixes. But it's at the heart of the incredible success we've helped so many players achieve - when players, parents and coaches all get on the same wavelength and you have the right programme, in a great environment with people who really know what they're doing...and you have feedback, follow-up and continuity...magical stuff can happen. We take great pride in our work and professional standards and want every child to LOVE coming to our sessions, to have fun, while developing a whole range of Football and life skills. 

My child has tried 'Soccer Courses' before and didn’t really enjoy them. Should she / he try again?

Definitely. Every soccer school is different and maybe the set-up elswhere was just not the right one for your child. Check out our ‘Success Stories’ page to see what other parents' experiences have been like and how their child benefited from our coaching.

If I’m not sure if my child is ready for this, can I sample your classes at a low cost to see if it’s right for them?

Absolutely. We offer two Free Confidence and Skills-Boosting taster sessions, so you do not have to commit to our sessions regularly until you are absolutely sure they are right for your child (although we are sure they will LOVE them)

How do I book in for the free sessions?

You can call us on 01792 421600 to arrange a 15 min chat. Our Team will want to find out a bit about your child so we can make the session a great one for him/her. They'll also tell you which session would be most suitable based on your child's age, experience and ability. Once we've established the best group, we need your child's date of birth, information on any medical conditions and anything else we need to take into consideration to get the best out of them.

What happens at the Free Sessions?

You will come up to the top pitches at Playfootball.net (where all our weekly training sessions take place) and be given a warm welcomed by our coaches and support team. We encourage you to come into the pitch to meet the coaches as your child will receive his/her Free T-shirt. Then your child will be taken over to meet his/her new teammates and start the warm-up. We aim to help make new players feel comfortable. We do a lot of stuff on social skills with our Members, and we encourage all players to learn the names of new players, which benefits everyone.

Once the session is underway, you can watch from outside the training pitch as your child does starter practices, pre-practice preparation, ladderwork for fast feet and coordination, fun small-sided games, technical exercises, skills practices before ending the session with more games. At the end of the session your child will learn TCSA's 'secret handshake'. We'll invite you back onto the pitch to tell us what you thought of the session and we can give you some quick feedback.

What about Kit?

Our Members, wear all-black kit for training, we provide each new player with a Free TCSA T-shirt, which you get to keep whether you  become a full Member or not. We encourage children to wear the Football kit (and of course shinpads and boots - we play on 3G/synthetic Grass so rubber studs only please) for their first few classes and then when you enrol as a Member we can help you with the correct training gear. We have stock available at your Enrolment Night for your convenience.

What happens after the Free Sessions?

You will attend our Enrolment Night at The Village Hotel in Swansea where we will give you a Written Report from your child's coach based on how he/she did in the Free Sessions. We'll also tell you in a bit more detail what exactly we deliver for our Members and you will be able to make a confident decision as to whether we are the best people to help develop your child into a happy, confident and successful player and person.

Will I get to meet you face to face if I sign my child up to TCSA?

Yes. While I don't Coach every session myself for the simple reason that we often have multiple programmes and activities running at the same time, I do like to get to know all players, parents and families and regularly receive updates on how players are progressing, even if I am not the designated coach of your child's group. Thankfully, I have an amazing team of coaches that I have personally spent many thousands of hours developing to help me deliver our unique curriculum to a very high standard.

Does my child have to take part in matches?

No. It is absolutely fine to come and train as the benefits of this alone are huge. For those who are a more ambitious and are prepared for the commitment and challenge of playing in quality development matches we have regular fixtures programme for those selected.  We have played regularly against professional clubs at some age-groups and we host our own Festivals attended by local and welsh League Teams. We also enter the Welsh Super Cup every year in Cardiff, which is one of the highlights of the year. 

What other activities and events do you run?

We have an Awards Nights for all our players and their families to attend, which are two of the main highlights our calendar. We strongly encourage all our students to attend as it is such a great experience for all involved to be recognised for their achievements and progress finishing with a Disco for the players. Friendships grow, confidence blossoms and fun is had by all! 

We put on Members' days as requested by our players and parents including 'Parents v Kids' fun games, Beach Soccer, visits to  Joe's Ice Cream, Football Golf, Barbecues, Boules Tournaments, Volleyball. We also host workshops for parents and players to look at the wider aspects of development such as Confidence, Attitude, anti-Bullying, Nutrition and more...

I think my child would love your coaching but I have some questions – can I contact you?

Of course. Please contact us via here: freesession@thechampionssocceracademy.com or call us on 01792 421600 and we'lll be happy to answer your questions.

Speak soon

Founder & Director of The Champion's Soccer Academy