Posted: October 10th 2014

Thursday 20th November is a SPECIAL day in the South Wales Sporting Calendar - World Class Performance Coach Jamie Edwards will be giving his inspirational presentation on 'The Winning Parent' at TCSA Awards Night.

All aspiring players, their parents and coaches from the South Wales area NEED to attend this event. Jamie has worked with top players and coaches in Football like Joe Hart and Brendan Rodgers. Not to mention dozens and dozens of young, aspiring Football players.

Like me (Frankie), my friend Jamie has recognised patterns of thinking and behaviour in kids and parents that can 'make or break' their Football destiny, and has PROVEN 'tools' to give ANY player the opportunity to reach the peak of their potential. He has also worked with top performers from other sports such as Lee Westwood from Golf and Lewis Moody from Rugby to name just a few. So kids, parents and Coaches across all sports can benefit massively too. If you are a serious aspiring player or performer, or parent or coach of one or more, you simply cannot afford to miss this event.

More info to follow very soon!