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Water Jet Cuttings

We design different kinds of roadheaders , water jet cutting , cutter bits and hydraulic nuts as hard rock cutting machine for mining. Roadheaders are indispensable equipment for infrastructure construction for road tunnels, railroad tunnels, dam headrace tunnels, coal-mine drifts, etc.

  • qsm-3.5-15-bj waterjet cutting machine

    QSM-3.5-15-BJ waterjet cutting machine as hard rock cutting machine is used for directly cutting transport pipelines, oil tanks and other flammable and combustible articles, or cooperating with public security or fire control department for emergently coping with oil leakage accidents or traffic accidents of transport vehicles of flammable and combustible articles by undertaking emergent cutting operations.

  • qsm-4.5-15-bf waterjet cutting machine

    QSM-4.5-15-BF waterjet cutting machine as hard rock cutting machine is applied to solve the issue that the ordinary waterjet cutting machine is unable to enter narrow sites of underground coal mines for cutting operations, in addition to the multi-storey platform of chemical enterprises and other environments restricted by water and electricity supply conditions, by realizing quick connection within a minute.

  • qsm-4.5-15-bg waterjet cutting machine

    QSM-4.5-15-BG portable waterjet cutting machine as hard rock cutting machine, is used for cutting any 0-100mm–thick materials (except glass carbon, diamond and special hard alloy), and has obtained the certificate of Mining Products Safety Label and met the requirements for coal mine safety production. It is suitable for cutting operations on sites with water or electricity for underground coal mines to avoid risks of dismantling or maintaining high gas flammable and combustible equipment and eliminate the danger of flammable and combustible tanks confronted by chemical enterprises during the process of dismantlement and maintenance.

  • qsm-4.5-22-bkj waterjet cutting machine

    QSM-4-22-BKJ is aimed at solving the case of obstructing rescue roads due to the collapse of sealing walls, transformed air gates and rocks that may happen during the rescue in a high-gas inflammable and explosive environment, and sparing valuable time for emergent rescue.

  • qsm-5-15-b-sh waterjet cutting machine

    QSM-5-15-B-SH waterjet cutting machine as hard rock cutting machine is a new type of portable cutting equipment functioning by front-mix abradant water jet flow; it adopts cold cutting technologies.This waterjet cutting machine has passed spark test, static electricity test and temperature test, and met the anti-explosion requirements.Note: QSM-5-15-B-SH waterjet cutting machine is an integral part of the main machine system and provides high-pressure water jet flows for cutting operations; it needs to assist cutters (for example pipe cutter), cutting gun assembly and high/low-pressure hose to complete cutting operations.

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