At 4 to 6 years old with The 'Little Champs'… it's all about giving the players the best possible start in the game..

The focus is on ENJOYMENT, building confidence, exploring the game and developing a real LOVE for it.

Technically we focus on dribbling, ball manipulation and shooting. This fits in with the motivations of a player of this age. They want to score…they want to PLAY…they want to have FUN.

Almost all learning is achieved implicitly through carefully designed fun games.

At the same time, a high importance is place on developing players' respect for themselves, their teammates, coaches and the learning environment.

At 7-8 years, we start to develop an understanding of the 'game' and the technical skills to play as a team…passing, moving and creating space. It's also about developing self-discipline here.

From 9-12 years the skills to play the game become more refined as players discover the pure joy of learning…developing more curiosity and a mindset of growth and constant-never-ending improvement.

Between 13-15 years the game gets more technical and tactical as the transition is made into 11-aside Football from Mini-Football. To continue improvement at this stage, a higher level of commitment to learning the game is required. players are going through lots of changes physically and emotionally. At this stage, it's about developing self-awareness so they can problem solve on and off the pitch. Also, its about managing physical development so that skills can develop despite any natural changes that are going on as players go through puberty.

From 16-18 years -  It's about continuing with studies in whatever Academic or Vocational path the players choose whilst continuing the pursuit of the dreams on the field with full-time training. From a technical and tactical point of view it's now about learning to play 'Like a Pro'. Learning all the tricks of the trade so they are ready not only to play well, but win!