"Give us 4 days of training with us like a pro on our holiday 'Elite Week' and you'll be chuffed with the more confident, skilful, focused and happier player you pick up on the last day of camp"

Frankie Burrows (TCSA Director) 


Pictured: Bailey Owen - currently signed with Swansea City Academy

"Hi Frankie, I just wanted to say thank you for putting on the half term sessions, Canaan has had a fantastic week. I haven't seen him so excited about football in a long time, he has made so many new friends and he talks about the coaches non stop! I am so pleased that you seem to have got to understand him so well in a week and I'm confident that you will be able to help him where we have all been thinking it might be best for him to give up football altogether. I have never used the word 'quickly' so much hopefully it will click soon! Anyway thanks again and he is looking forward to training on Tuesday, thanks Sarah." Sarah Price

Pictured: Canaan Price attended the last TCSA Holiday Elite Week

Come and join us for one of the most exciting, challenging, supportive, skills-accelerating and life-enhancing Holiday Programme in the UK today!


Just 30...23...16...7 spaces left due to early bookings - CALL 01792 421600 to secure your child or teenager’s place!


More Parent Feedback on TCSA's Holiday Elite Week

"Hi Frankie, I feel I have to write to you regarding Jake's performance for
Brynawel this morning, his first game back since training with
yourselves at Llandarcy last week, what a massive difference it has
made, I could not believe how much of a positive change your training has made to his game, I would have loved for you to see his last match and this mornings to show you the difference, and it wasn't just myself but other parents and the coaches who noticed the 'up' in his game.

His ball control, his thought process when he has the ball,
passing and shooting and most noticeably his tackling and attacking, there was no fear there at all where before there was hesitation.

When he said on the way there that he was "going to use what he learned at Frankie's in the matches" it was obvious he'd paid a lot attention under yours and the coaches tutelage last week, thank you so much for this, I've not stopped thinking of the difference it's made all day since watching him play this morning. This is definitely something he absolutely loves, not just the football but being a part of the TCSA, my job is to nurture that and to do all I can to encourage it, and along with your guidance and coaching I think it will create a very confident young man and a great player in Jacob, he deserves that. Kind regards and thanks again mate, Brett."

Pictured: Brett Phippen with his son Jacob


Dear Supportive Soccer Parent,

TCSA’s Holiday Programmes have been responsible for some MASSIVE break-through moments for our players in the past.

It’s no coincidence that TCSA Graduates who have gone on to sign for Professional Clubs within the last few years, including Ashton Lloyd, Luke Salter, Caleb Hughes, Bailey Owen, Jamie Owen, and Matthew Richards, all regularly attended TCSA’s Holiday Programmes.

We are able to help players transform in such a short space of time for 5 important reasons:

1. We work in SMALL-GROUPS. No 'Cattle-Market' Style Soccer Camps (Parents' words not mine) here. We have a very low ratio of Coaches to Players so we can give EXTRA individual attention to YOUR CHILD

2. All sessions are led by EXPERIENCED, highly qualified Coaches. No wet-behind the ears kids going through the motions and making it up as they go along. Our Coaches are TRUE PRO'S  with a vast array of 'tools' to improve YOUR CHILD

Former Liverpool Youth Boss, Malcolm Cook will be joined by Former Swans Academy Senior Coach Huw Lloyd, TCSA Director Frankie Burrows and one or two others from TCSA's Coaching Team.

3. We do 4 hours per day of CONCENTRATED  training. Kids can get bored hanging around at a Soccer Course all week from 9am until 3pm, basically waiting for their parents to finish work.

That's why we do ONLY 4 hours between 9am and 1pm. It gives us plenty of time to coach and REALLY develop the players. At the same time, it also allows plenty of time for recovery and for the kids to do other activities in the afternoon. (Many parents tell me that their children sleep better after spending a day on TCSA's Holiday Programme - all part of the service!).

4. The atmosphere we create on our Holiday Elite Week's is uniquely challenging, yet nurturing. Calm, yet exciting. Disciplined, yet FUN.

5. We use WORLD CLASS facilities at Llandarcy Academy. They really are second to none. And with indoor and outdoor facilities available, we have every base covered no matter what the weather.

Don't take my word for it. Here's Ashton Lloyd's Dad, Chris on how our Holiday Programmes resulted in an 'incredible' improvement that got other parents talking...

'Other parents asked me what I had been feeding him! I told them he had been training with Frankie at TCSA!'

“The difference in my son Ashton was unbelievable. Playing for his local team on the Sunday, his ‘first touch’ and control of the ball had improved considerably. He was a lot stronger on the ball having learned to ‘shield it’ properly on the TCSA's Holiday EPDP. He was moving faster, with and without the ball and his tactical awareness was much better. Maybe the best thing of all was that he had the confidence to attempt new skills out on the pitch. Even if he doesn’t always succeed first time he now perseveres until he does. For example, Ashton is now shooting a lot more with his ‘other foot’. Overall, the improvement in just one week was incredible and everyone could see it. Other parents standing on the side line were asking me what I had been feeding him! I told them he had been training with Frankie." Chris Lloyd, Swansea

                NOTE: Ashton is now signed with Swansea City Academy

Here's another parent, this time a Teacher who knows all about the importance of 'connection' between Coaches and Children...

‘I was Very Impressed With The Interaction With The Children – And I’m A teacher!’

“I was extremely impressed by the set up and the way you interacted with the children. It’s a pleasure to be a part of what you’ve set up, I’ve been teaching 16 years now and I can see and understand how important your connection is with the children. It doesn’t matter how far they go, I believe that it’s all about them believing in themselves on a daily basis and being proud of themselves.

I was slightly worried that Jac would be a little too shy seeing as he didn’t know any of the other children but from day one he always stated that he’d had the best day and that all the children were motivated and wanted to play well. Jac has grown in confidence and there has been a marked improvement in his early morning dialect and enthusiasm for life!!

I have you to thank for this and I’m sure he will remember and look back on the week with high regard and respect for you all. He also thought I was joking when I told him that he’d won the Manchester United shirt signed by Phil Jones. What a great way to end the week!

I realise that some may perceive your programmes as ‘expensive’, but I think finances isn’t that much of a big deal when you realise the quality of care that the children receive. You can spend a great deal of money trying in vain to find stimulating and challenging activities for your children to do, especially during the holidays. But this is what I discovered when Jac participated in the 4 day Elite Player Development Programme.

Jac’s really funny when I ask him how the training goes, he just keeps on saying that he realises now how important awareness is?!!! I asked him to explain but he just said ”Mam, it’s awesome and Frankie should be paid millions.” I guess that means he’s enjoying ey!

Diolch yn fawr iawn again!

Catherine Davies, Swansea

Pictured: TCSA holiday elite Week Attendees!

WARNING! LIMITED SPACES - CALL 01792 421600 to secure your child or teenager’s place!


What break-through moments will YOUR son have at our upcoming ?

• More confidence?
• Better agility, balance and coordination?
• Become stronger, faster and fitter?
• Become more skillful and creative with and without the ball?
• Improve his attitude, listening skills and speaking skills?

We PRIDE OURSELVES on INCLUDING every single player...and being able to CHALLENGE and NURTURE them regardless of ability.

We have 4 Days of concentrated (4 hours per day) high-quality training with specific activities designed to bring out all of the above, and more…

      (Pictured: TCSA Coaches & Players)

4 Day Programme Content:


9am – 10am – ESSENTIAL Physical Development with our 'Move Like A Champion' Programme
10am – 11.00am – High-Quality Skills and Game Coaching and Training

11.00am - 11.30am - Confident Player Programme
11.30am – 12.00pm – Lunch with Player Quiz
12.00pm – 1pm – World Cup/Champion’s League/Charity Shield


9am – 10am – Football Dance with Samantha Reynish
10am – 11.00am – High-Quality Skills and Game Coaching and Training
11.00am - 11.30am - Confident Player Programme

11.30am – 12.00pm – Lunch with Player Quiz
12.00pm – 1pm – World Cup/Champion’s League/Charity Shield


9am – 10am – 'Football Gymnastics'
10am – 11.00am – High-Quality Skills and Game Coaching and Training

11.00am - 11.30am - Confident Player Programme
11.30am – 12.00pm – Lunch with Player Quiz
12.00pm – 1pm – World Cup/Champion’s League/Charity Shield


9am – 10am – Yoga / Recovery Session
10am – 11.30am – High-Quality Skills and Game Coaching and Training
11.30am – 12.00pm – Lunch with Player Quiz
12.00pm – 1pm – World Cup/Champion’s League/Charity Shield
1.00pm – 1.30pm – Closing Ceremony

What's the Investment?

A week like this is worth at least £300, but you can get it for a fraction of the full value if you take action NOW:

Just 30...23...16...7 spaces left - CALL 01792 421600 to FIND OUT MORE


I can’t wait for this Holiday Programme to start

See you soon

Frankie Burrows

Founder & Director of The Champion’s Soccer Academy

P.S. Here is some more Parent Feedback on our 'Elite Week' Holiday Programmes:

"Bailey Went From Local Club Player to Swansea Academy in 4 Months"

“My son, Bailey, had been doing well for his local club team and I felt he may be able to step up a level with a higher level of coaching. My first chat with Frankie made me feel it was worth us travelling a bit further to work with him (from Rhondda).

Bailey first started on the four day Holiday EPD Programme. He completely enjoyed it and learnt so much from Frankie during the four days. In his next couple of boys club matches there was a massive difference in his awareness and positioning in both defence and attack.  I could also see a real positive change in his focus and determination during training sessions and the matches. He was putting what he'd learnt with TCSA into practice and getting inspired by the way his own improved performance could help the team.

In the space of four months, Bailey went from being a good boys club player to achieving selection for Swans Academy and he's now continuing to work hard to improve all aspects of his game through regular one-to-one sessions with Frankie.

I would recommend the TCSA development programmes to anyone looking to help their son or daughter become a better player and a better person. Even when coaching in group sessions, Frankie has a way of connecting with each player that inspires personal improvement. They respect him and the way he's helping them and they come away wanting to improve for themselves.

However much you want to encourage and support your son or daughter yourself, there is a lot more that can be achieved with the knowledge and approach of a coach and mentor like Frankie”.

                             Jarad Owen, Pontyclun

"I Really Appreciate The Way You Made Harvey Feel At Ease As Soon As He Walked Through The Door"

"Hi Frankie, just wanted to say a massive thank you for this week! Couldn't believe how professional it was and not over run with too many kids! Really appreciate the way that you made Harvey feel at ease from the first moment he walked through the door! He couldn't stop talking about it and is showing me what he's learned all week! It's so nice that he's come home every day with a smile on his face! He's devastated that there's no football tomorrow! Again just want to say thanks." 

Paul Smale, Swansea

"Learning As Well As Playing"

"Jaden had a fabulous time today. In his words: 'we didn't just go there and play matches, we actually learned stuff'. He can't wait until tomorrow". 

Cath Evans, Swansea

"Professional, Approachable Coaches, Enhanced Football and Life-Skills, New Friendships Forged With Oodles of Fun Thrown Into The Mix"

"Hi Frankie, I just wanted to say a MASSIVE 'Thank You' for the excellent programme Kai attended during last week's half term holidays. You and the coaches were so approachable and professional, with oodles of fun thrown in the mix! My little man thoroughly enjoyed the four days, enhanced his footballing skills and forged some new friendships (and I believe he was the youngest attendee!) Personally I was so impressed that Kai came away talking about 'Self-mastery' (which I totally support), and I am so appreciative of the opportunity for him to have gained great footballing and life skills during the time he spent with TCSA.

I feel that Kai has experienced a completely safe, fun and constructive environment to accelerate his skills. Kai was totally inspired! For me, it was a valued investment of both time and money. Kai looks forward to his weekly training sessions with you and I am sure that he'll be attending your future Holiday Programmes!!!"

                  Alison Tanikie, Swansea

"Really Enjoyable Programmes"

“Aaron has said that he has really enjoyed the programme. It will be interesting to see him play with his team after completing this course. He particularly enjoyed the sessions with James.This is an excellent programme that covers not only playing the game but the physical and mental training needed alongside it". 

                 Joanne Robey, Swansea