“Sky-Rocket Your Son’s Skill and Confidence – Give Him The SPECIAL Attention He Deserves To Accelerate His Learning in 1-on-1 and Small-Group Sessions”

The “Accelerated Soccer Skills” Programme

With Choice of 1 hour or NEW 30 minute Intensive ‘Short & Sharp’ ‘Break-Through’ Sessions Now Available So Your Child Or Teenager Can:

  • Build his confidence by receiving more attention from his coaches, enabling him to work on the things that will really bring his game on…
  •  Develop a big ‘box of skills and tricks’ to give him an edge over their opponents and ‘Rule the 1 v 1 Duel’ in REAL game situations
  •  Receive highly specialised individual tuition that will take them ‘to the next level’ FASTER and EASIER…

Would your football-mad child like to be so comfortable and confident with a football that it appears to be tied to his feet…even against older, bigger and faster players?

Of course he would. Unfortunately, however, in modern junior and youth football in the UK, do many not get the opportunity to develop the skills they need to become TOP players, or even simply fulfill their potential in the game …


Reason ♯ 1: Group training sessions, even the rare ones that are of a high standard, do not always enable coaches to really zoom in on your child’s individual learning needs

Reason ♯ 2: Traditional coaching methods focus too much on technique to the detriment of skill, which leads to producing too many ‘robotic’ players who are great at doing drills but not so good at playing the game…

But that has all changed for a select band of players in Swansea, South Wales…

The players who have graduated from the ‘Accelerated Soccer Skills Programme’ reads like a ‘Roll of Honour’ (in fact you will see some of them in our 'roll of Honour' on this site)

The ‘Accelerated Skills Programme’ is no longer one of the ‘best-kept secrets’ in youth football. And that’s largely down to word-of-mouth stories like this…

Jamie Owen, a TCSA graduate was one such player who accelerated his skill development through our Programme.

I’ll let his Dad Mark take up the story …

“Jamie started with the Accelerated Skills Programme at The Champion’s Soccer Academy. Receiving individual attention has been tremendously important for him. The combination of group training and one-to-one or two-to-one support has proved to be a powerful mix for Jamie’s development. The difference in Jamie has been amazing.
Jamie has definitely improved as a player. His technique, positional play and all-round game has gone to a different level.
Mark Owen, Bishopston, Swansea

After completing his Accelerated Skills Programme, Jamie went on to sign for Cardiff City Football Club Academy in 2012. Leter on, Jamie signed for Premier League team Swansea City FC’s Academy.

Read on to find out how YOUR son can take GIANT strides forward with his game…by mastering the ball with the ‘Accelerated Skills Training Programme’

Dear Curious & Supportive Soccer Parent,

Hi Frankie Burrows here.

I have developed an extremely powerful 1-on-1 and 2-on-1 Skills Programme – that can completely change the skill-level and confidence of virtually ANY child or teenager…

I know through experience the impact that quality individual attention and accelerated learning techniques can have in unlocking a player’s potential.

And I’m not just talking about the players who have gone through our Accelerated Soccer Skills Programme and onto play for Professional Clubs…

We had a player who went through ‘The Accelerated Soccer Skills’ who could hardly kick a ball when he started. He was also too shy and intimidated to even join in with his peers for a game of football in the yard during ‘playtime’ at school.

And for a football-daft kid that was a crime.

But after 6 months on our Accelerated Skills Programme, he had developed his individual ball skills to an impressive level. He started taking his own ball into school and doing his skills on his own.

Next thing, he was tapped on the shoulder by one of the ‘cool’ football kids and told ‘Oi, why don’t you play with us? You should be in the school team’.

This was a game-changing moment that gives our coaches just as much satisfaction as seeing one of our players sign on the dotted line for a Premier League Academy.

All because the kid had developed his skills more in 6 months than he would have done in 6 years if he had tried on his own or just playing at your average local team.

On a Mission

A while ago, I made it my mission to find better ways of helping players to develop their skills to their highest potential. Why?

I was frustrated…at the lack of opportunity for kids to really develop at all levels in the 21st Centur due to the demise of 'Street Soccer'. Frustrated that I could not, during group sessions, give my players the FULL individual attention they needed. In my 20 years as a Coach I have always been 100% committed to helping each and every child under my supervision to achieve their FULL potential. 

But I quickly realised this was an impossible task, without being able to give the extra level of support and attention that many players needed and deserved (even with our unbeatable ratio of 8 players to every coach in our main group sessions, some need more attention to get the absolute best out of them).

For example, as an Academy Coach at Swansea City, I would sit there in ‘assessment meetings’ giving feedback to a player and his parents, all the while wondering: ‘Will this kid EVER get the chance to really put into practice the advice I am giving him on how to improve his ‘first touch’, left/right foot (fill in the blank)?’

Answer: Probably NEVER unless someone is able to take the time to SHOW him what to do and GUIDE him through it…One-on-one…

“Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.”

Chinese Proverb

The same problems apply at levels of the game, from grass-roots to the elite level. And I found this hard to stomach…because giving players every chance to succeed was the reason why I became a coach in the first place. That’s why I left to set up The Champion’s Soccer Academy, and The ‘Accelerated Soccer Skills’ is one of the programmes that has put The Champion’s Soccer Academy firmly on the map.

A Quantum Leap Forward in Skill Development…

What is the ‘Accelerated Soccer Skills Programme’?

The Accelerated Soccer Skills Programme does ‘exactly what it says on the tin’:

“Helps players to learn Football skills faster, easier and on a deeper level than is possible through team coaching or standard / ‘traditonal’ coaching alone.”

21st Century Skills Training

Every one of our Accelerated Skills Training sessions embodies the principles of ‘accelerated learning’, which allows players to take giant leaps forward in their skill development.
The results we routinely see in our players include a more robust level of skill that stands up in real-game ‘pressure’ situations.

How do we achieve ‘deeper’ learning and higher levels of skill faster and easier?

Like I said, its more than just giving the player more attention…But what extra individual attention provides is more opportunity to unlock a players potential…And just like a door, it’s much easier to unlock potential when you have a key... The fact is...the ‘keys’ (Coaching methods) that have enabled us to ‘unlock’ the potential of the players who have gone through our Skills Accelerator Programme, are known by very few coaches out there. If it sounds like I'm bragging...I'm not. It took me many painful lessons and falling flat on my face many times to develop these 'keys' to accelerating a players skills and confidence. So when you put these hard-won secret ‘keys’ to success together with the extra attention that The Skills Accelerator Programme brings, the sky is the limit when it comes to what a player can achieve…


And that’s the reason why players have come from all corners of South West Wales – from Aberdare to Aberystwyth – as well as our base in Swansea, to access our ground-breaking personalised ‘Accelerated Skills’ training programme…

“Bailey was introduced to TCSA through the Accelerated Soccer Skills Programme. In the space of 4 months, Bailey went from being a good boys club player to achieving selection for Swans Academy. He’s now continuing to work hard to improve all aspects of his game through regular 1-2-1 sessions with Frankie…”

Jarad Owen, Pontyclun

What Aspects of The Game Do We Work On?

We help your son put in place the fundamental building blocks of ball mastery…Without these elements, developing skill is an uphill battle.

‘First Touch’ and Control. Being able to ‘trap’ or cushion the ball instantly from any angle with all types of speed and spin on it, and eventually under ALL kinds of pressure from opponents
Passing, shooting, turning, dribbling and crossing with both feet and all surfaces of the foot, building from isolated practice up to game-realistic ‘pressure’
Attacking in 1 v 1 situationsplayers will add lot’s of ‘tricks to their box’ to get past players and work on their deception skills and acceleration. We aren’t talking showboating stuff. We’re talking real, practical and useful skills that can give your son a real ‘edge’
Defending in 1 v 1 situations – learn ‘clever’ ways to put maximum pressure on the opponent and win the ball back

Football-related strength and techniques for shielding the ballwhen he applies these ideas he will NEVER get ‘knocked off the ball’ again (unless fouled!) and will feel confident with natural physical contact in game situations
Agilitythe ability to change direction and adjust their feet quickly to the movement of the ball, their opponent and teammates
Balancethe ability to stay on his feet under pressure and still control the ball and therefore the game
Coordination with and without the ball (The ABC’s!)
Rhythm, timing and 'game sense' and much more…

We work on two areas of the game that are often talked about but rarely coached:

Awareness and Anticipationtwo major differences between a good player and a great player.

How Do We Help Players Like Your Son Take Their Skills To The Next Level?

By working on his ‘sticking points’ identified either by himself, by you (his parents) or by us (his coaches) as we assess him informally and formally on an ongoing basis.
Some players who are either with professional clubs or have been recently released (and want to get back in) even show us the reports from the club, so that we can work on the specific ‘development areas’ identified.

We help the boys build on their strengths and hone a unique style of play that will transfer into EFFECTIVE play on the pitch.

Other Ways Your Son Will Benefit:

• 1-on-1 or small group (2-on-1) coaching gives the chance to build a deeper level of rapport between player and coach
• A chance to set personalised tasks and challenges for the week
• Get extra touches on the ball throughout every week – a vital ingredient in a player’s development
• Get the best coaching and support so that the quality as well as the quantity of practice is high – practice does not make perfect…only perfect practice does!
• During sessions – Receive instant feedback from the coach (and/or fellow players). Whole team sessions are often too dynamic, crowded and free-flowing to enable this

I look forward to taking your son’s skill levels to the next level...

See you at the far post!

Founder & Director, The Champion’s Soccer Academy

P.S. Remember, we have a VERY limited number of Accelerated Soccer Skills sessions. Call 01792 421600 and our Member Support Team will be able to help you find out of the Accelerated Skills Training Programme can help your son, and also tell you what slots we have available
P.P.S. The reason why the slots are limited is that I refuse to allow anyone but my BEST coaches to deliver these special sessions. So call 01792 421600 now to secure you son’s place!
P.P.P.S. If your son is not that into football, or you’re not that into helping him truly develop to his full potential, don’t sweat over it. This programme is definitely not for everyone
P.P.P.P.S. Read on to hear what other parents are saying about the effect The Accelerated Skills Programme has had on their son:

“Joel had an awesome game today for his local team. He scored 5 goals and assisted a few others, using his left and right feet to score…. He really shone! Thanks so much for all of the hard work you put into the boys as it definitely proves to make a difference to their performance.”
Emma Jones, Clydach

And this from Joel’s Grandparents:

“Hi Frankie, Gareth and I go and watch Joel every week, he has come on in leaps and bounds. It’s such a pleasure to see the techniques he uses and the way he reads the game too. You can’t tell whether he is right or left footed, both are equally good. Thanks so much for all the excellent work Frankie. You’re helping him no end to improve his game. He was so delighted today scoring 5 goals. All the other boys you’ve had in training too, have improved immensely. What a difference, your Academy has made to their game too!!”
Shirley Jones, Clydach

“Cameron is playing the best football ever… If there is an opportunity for your son to build upon his experiences in football then support them wholeheartedly… The Accelerated Accelerator Programme doesn’t just develop your child’s technical abilities but develops your child as a whole, building self esteem and confidence…
A very happy parent and child”
Leigh and Cameron Williams, Neath