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“This is not just a football Academy it also helps our children to gain confidence”

Pictured: Finley Williams

"Hi Frankie,

This is Finley before he joined The Champion's Soccer Academy

* Would not go for the ball
* Stand back in a game as he felt he was not good enough to have the ball
* Scared of the ball, cowering away when it was anywhere near him 
* Wouldn't get...

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“It has helped make Kaven’s dream of playing for the Swans academy come true”

Pictured:Kaven Bloniarczyk

"My life is 100 miles an hour between working full time with 2 kids with activities right left and centre.

When we first started Kaven with your academy I said to my husband "how do you think I can fit more in?", especially with him working mainly evening...

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"Canaan started playing football at the age of 5 and showed real talent and ability from a young age...but pretty much lost all of his confidence and was very intimidated by other players and lost the ability to play as part of a team and did not enjoy football...

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“He’s looking forward to this next challenge with the confidence he has gained”


"Thank you Frankie and all coaches at TCSA for transforming Jack into the confident and capable player which he has become. six months of top class coaching has moved jack from an average player in the Swansea junior league into a lad looking to make an impact in the company of academy...

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“Best of all was seeing how my son was responding and enjoying his football again”

Pictured :Teddy Lowery


 "After a bit of online research, I was impressed with what I
saw, especially the overall message of TSCA.I loved every minute of it, from the warm welcome to the pro academy standard session, really well paced drills, really clear direct coaching but best of...

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“I have not seen him THAT engaged in any other training sessions or soccer school sessions before”

Pictured : Lewis Kerrigan


"Before starting TCSA Lewis had just finished his first season with a 
local football club. Since he was young many people had commented on him 
being a good player but he just couldn't play consistently well which 
eventually led to him being overlooked in...

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Player Suffers Knock Back After Knock Back Before FINALLY Building His Self-Belief and Winning Award

Pictured:Elliot and Simon

"Elliot's experienced lack of confidence after knock back after knock back when playing for his local side, which left him with no self belief and we were looking for somewhere to take him to build that lack of confidence and self belief back up.

Our only...

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“He used to shy away from a tackle, but now has the determination to win that ball!”

Pictured: Lennon

"Lennon joined TCSA April 2016... and we haven't looked back since!

A little bit of background:

Lennon started playing football for a local U7 team in 2013. By nature, Lennon is quiet and unassuming. This was one of the reasons why myself and my husband encouraged...

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Iestyn’s confidence has improved no end

Pictured: Iestyn and Claire

"Iestyn has always had a great passion for football but dreamed of
being a superstar without putting in the effort. Whilst we could see
his potential, his practice was certainly lacking.
Iestyn has learned a lot from every session with TCSA and thoroughly...

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“My son loved the environment and the small groups. He came back beaming and begging to go again”

Pictured: Corey Wilkins with his Friend Harvey

"My Son was really enjoying his football at his club with his friends and the amazing Dads that were running the coaching were doing a fabulous job but having a daughter who was receiving pro swim coaching we were really interested to see...

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