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“The Success Speaks for Itself”

"Any parents of young footballers who really want their boys to be the best player they can possibly be need to get in touch with Frankie Burrows and his TCSA coaching school. The training is as good and often better than you would get at pro clubs, but without the fear or pressure...

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My Son Jack’s Confidence Has Gone Through The Roof

Pictured: Jack Cullen

"My son Jack had trained and played for tcsa before being signed for Swansea city academy under 9s, after 6 months with them he was released. He lacked belief and his confidence was rock bottom. He started training with Frankie at tcsa to try and get excited about...

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“Tom’s Like a Completely Different Player…” (And Person)

"Tom was low on confidence, due to some negative
experiences in school and was not playing at his best
for his local team.

Since joining TCSA, he has become a completely

different player.

His confidence, his concentration,his understanding

of the game...have all improved. As a result,...

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‘Outstanding…Man of the Match Against Pro Academy Players…Full of Confidence…Thanks to TCSA’

"Hi Frankie,

Kori played for afan nedd schoolboys on Sunday against pembroke
schools. He was absolutely outstanding.. Probably the best iv ever
seen him play. There was quite a few Swans and Cardiff academy players
involved for both sides, and he was outstanding in his defensive and...

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Josh Has Learned More at TCSA Than Anywhere Else

Pictured: TCSA Player Josh Benns

"My son Josh had joined training programmes in the last and never quite felt involved and included. He would be left alone standing in the corner and felt uncomfortable as other kids took all the attention.

As a result of not getting involved, he never...

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We Now Have The ‘Tools’ To Develop Our Son’s Confidence for Sport & Life

"Our son Sam was shy in groups and did not want to join in with new people, or try new activities. he was struggling to fit in.

If we tried to get him to try new activities he would say: 'but what if I cant do it.'

Sam’s teachers in school were commenting that his concentration was poor,...

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He Couldn’t have Got In the Schoolboys If he Hadn’t Come to TCSA

"Hi Frank it's Simon fowler . Jaydn got in the Swansea schoolboys! He would like to thank you . He couldn't have done this if he hadn't come to you. Thank you from me to."

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The Life Skills and Attitude My Son Is Developing Is Helping Him On And Off The Pitch

"Hi Frankie forgot to say on Sunday, Cellan played his first game for Swansea Valley on Thursday last week a few of the coaches from Cwm Wanders were there as most of the team is made up from Cwm Wanders U11's players. All of them commented on how well Cellan played, hence the...

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Academy Standard Coaching + Small Groups Maximises Development

"Hi Frankie, this is just a selection ! Keep up the great work !

What makes TCSA Special?

TCSA provides a unique opportunity for each boy to personally develop and fulfil whole potential via academy standard coaching.

Both parent and child maximise development and achievement without...

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Thank You For Giving Nathan His Confidence and Love of Football Back to Him

"Nathan had a game for Cardiff last Sunday and 'Cardiff' said he's the best signing they have had in months. He stood out on the pitch as being one of the best and he played out of his skin. Thank you, for giving Nathan his confidence and love of football back to him X"

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