[Confident Player] Ryan Bevan’s Story

Tracy Bevan explains the journey her son Ryan went on as he went from grass-roots to Pro level (now with Swansea Academy).

As Tracy says, Ryan had plenty of "knock-backs" along the way and "lacked a lot of confidence".

But the "environment and support TCSA created for Ryan is one of the main reasons why he is where he is today"

TCSA Head Coach - Darren Vincent

TCSA Head Coach Darren Vincent in action and talking about the philosophy he shares with the Academy of 'Giving a Learning Experiences'. Plus, the importance of:

- Developing confidence and the ability for players to express themselves

- Analysis and Feedback

- Enjoyment

The Champion’s Soccer Academy

A brief interview with Malcolm Cook, a former professional player and current football coach. Malcolm has worked with the King of the Kop, Kenny Dalglish, and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge. He is also the man to have discovered and developed the talents of such players as Dominic Matteo, Steve Mcmanaman and Robbie Fowler. 

Here he talks to us about his work with Frankie Burrows, his plans for the future and what he believes is the poor state of football coaching in the UK. 

Some Thoughts on TCSA’s Coaching

A recent interview with a father of two of our regulars.
Here we discuss the topics of coaching, the culture within The Champion's Soccer Academy and the lessons that are learnt by those kids that are training with us.

"I have to say that I think the sessions are coached exceptionally well"

A Swansea Academy Player Tells Us How TCSA Helped Him

An interview with a Swansea City Academy player who came to The Champion's Soccer Academy because he wanted to improve his goal-scoring ability. 
After suffering a knock in confidence and encountering a bad run of form, this striker turned to TCSA for guidance and help. 

"The results were rapid... 8 goals in 15 starts"

An Introduction to the Academy and Our Fast Start Programme

  • What are some of the problems with the typical 'Soccer School' experience?
  • How is TCSA different from the other options available to you and your child?
  • The Fast Start Programme, ONE MONTH to prove to yourself that we are the people to help your son SHINE, on and off the pitch. 

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