“He used to shy away from a tackle, but now has the determination to win that ball!”

Pictured: Lennon

"Lennon joined TCSA April 2016... and we haven't looked back since!

A little bit of background:

Lennon started playing football for a local U7 team in 2013. By nature, Lennon is quiet and unassuming. This was one of the reasons why myself and my husband encouraged Lennon to play in a team sport.

Lennon had a period with the Swans Development in 2015-2016, but was released in March 2016. This knocked his confidence considerably. It was at this time that Lennon joined TCSA. We had been told about TCSA by Lennon's Coach from his local team, whose son had joined the year previously. Since Lennon was no longer training with the Development, we thought we'd give TCSA a try.

The coaching that Lennon has received, I would say, is second to none. Lennon has progressed dramatically since joining and his confidence in his own ability has rocketed! He always demonstrated skill with the ball, but what we have noticed is that he now has the confidence to push himself that bit further. He used to shy away from a tackle, but now has the determination to win that ball!

I believe that this is due to the coaching environment, which is child friendly, nurturing and constructive. Also evident is the bond that the coaches have with the boys. Each one of them is known immediately by name, which makes you feel that you already are important!

All we ever want for our children is the best outcome for them. Watching Lennon's technique and confidence improve, whilst also enjoying the game, is a just reward. He is gaining valuable experience, which I believe will also stand him in good stead for his personal life also.

Thank you TCSA! "

Julie Richards