“I have not seen him THAT engaged in any other training sessions or soccer school sessions before”

Pictured : Lewis Kerrigan


"Before starting TCSA Lewis had just finished his first season with a 
local football club. Since he was young many people had commented on him 
being a good player but he just couldn't play consistently well which 
eventually led to him being overlooked in his team and he'd have minimal 
game time which, over time, affected his confidence and self belief. It 
also frustrated me as a parent but wondered whether I was being biased 
as a parent and was looking for a neutral opinion of his ability by a 
well qualified coach. The initial report, feedback cards and post match 
analysis were very useful.
Of course, the location was the biggest reservation as we live in Bridgend but the 
football centre is very close to the M4. The other reservation was cost 
in addition to travel costs but I was seeing this as a Summer experience 
aimed at helping Lewis regain some confidence before starting a new 
season. More an intensive hour a week instead of summer holiday day 
camps he had previously done but this proved more effective as Lewis did 
focus harder in a shorter period of time. Also the quality of coaching 
and small coach player ratio was also evident and effective. What 
started as a summer initiative lasted longer! For me the cost of the 
session is comparable to a one to one swimming lesson and the quality of 
coaching justified the cost too.
From the start TCSA felt a professional environment to be a part of and 
totally committed to the needs of the individual child. The coaching 
sessions are very well run by very well qualified staff and plenty of 
them! Lewis was totally engaged in and thoroughly every session. I have 
not seen him that engaged in any other training sessions or soccer 
school sessions before. The rapport developed between player and coaches 
was very impressive and in a short period of time. On one occasion when 
Lewis felt he was out of his comfort zone and went back into his shell, 
it only took one email to bring it to the attention of the coaches and 
it was resolved by the following session in such a subtle way that it 
never happened again and Lewis went from strength to strength. Lewis has 
total respect and admiration for all the coaches he works with.
I was attracted to TCSA as it was promoted as a programme to improve 
confidence in a player which was just what Lewis needed and it did what 
it said on the tin!
I saw improvements in Lewis after 4-6weeks and 4 months on he has now 
joined a new club and is playing with more consistency and confidence 
and is enjoying the sport again. It's not just improved his football but 
also other sports he plays like rugby. It's now a pleasure to watch him 
play and enjoy it rather than feel disappointed on a weekly basis."


Sarah Kerrigan