“My son loved the environment and the small groups. He came back beaming and begging to go again”

Pictured: Corey Wilkins with his Friend Harvey

"My Son was really enjoying his football at his club with his friends and the amazing Dads that were running the coaching were doing a fabulous job but having a daughter who was receiving pro swim coaching we were really interested to see if our son would benefit from experienced pro coaching in addition to what he was getting at his club. TCSA coaching which was more focused to smaller groups and working on particular skills.
At first I had some reservations about the cost as I was used to paying a negligible amount to his club as you have parents who give up their time but when you put it into context and compare to other sports like swimmimg and tennis or music lessons it is actually REALLY good value! . I also was concerned how he would be training with a load of lads and coaches he didn't know but My son loved the environment and the small groups He came back bemeaing begging to go again. I also received a very detatiled breakdown of my sons strengths and where he needed to work on. On top of this I received verbal feedback about his character which summed him up to a tee it was as if Frankie had known him years not an hour.
I have seen my son almost immediately applying things from the coaching which has taken his game up an notch already and I am fascinated to see where he will be in 12 months.
I have been blown away with the interest Frankie and TCSA has taken in my son and the obvious passion they have for his improvemet. I can't speak highly enough of the coaching and how grateful I am that we discovered it and that it is on our doorstep!
Ultimately it is all down to the child as all the best coaching in the world is pointless if the child doesn't enjoy but I can honestly say that my son absolutely loves it!
If as a parent you are weighing up if it is a worthwhile investment take the free session its a no brainer as you get amazing detailed feedback from a very experienced professional but importantly a neutral eye which even if you don't decide to continue is worth its weight in gold but my guess is once you see the gains and how much your child enjoys you will be hooked just like us!
Thank you Frankie and team!"

Robin Wilkins