Player Suffers Knock Back After Knock Back Before FINALLY Building His Self-Belief and Winning Award

Pictured:Elliot and Simon

"Elliot's experienced lack of confidence after knock back after knock back when playing for his local side, which left him with no self belief and we were looking for somewhere to take him to build that lack of confidence and self belief back up.

Our only reservation before joining TCSA was the question: "are they really as good as they make out, Or is this just another organisation out to make money."? I'm glad to say that its a case of you are good as you say.

Our experience and more importantly elliott's experience has been of great satisfaction, T.C.S.A coaching and more importantly the coaches have given him the confidence and self belief to show what we've always known what elliott is capable of and he's very good footballer.

Elliott's best outcome so far is the difference in personality when playing and has gone from a player at his local club that was reserved and no confidence to winning the most promising player of the year, which is an award chosen by his coaches to show that he is capable of becoming one of the clubs best players.
This is simply down to the commitment that T.C.S.A has given too elliott and know elliott believes he can go onto achieve big things as a footballer for his club. T.c.s.a and one day in the not so distant future a pro club."

Simon Doran