“This is not just a football Academy it also helps our children to gain confidence”

Pictured: Finley Williams

"Hi Frankie,

This is Finley before he joined The Champion's Soccer Academy

* Would not go for the ball
* Stand back in a game as he felt he was not good enough to have the ball
* Scared of the ball, cowering away when it was anywhere near him 
* Wouldn't get involved in school playground football 
* Shy and would rather be at the back of a situation

Finley since joining The Champion's Soccer Academy

* Will go for the ball and tackle
* Loves to defend and often in goals so no longer scared of that ball
* Takes his football into school and loves a game at playtime 
* Also started drums & Cubs and gets involved in tasks and events

Apart from all this Finley has grown in confidence and now has a much more understanding of the rules of football. He would never have had a conversation with you before but now can't wait to tell you what he's been up to.

This is not just a football Academy it also helps our children to gain confidence, be more positive, empathetic to others and have fun.

You have taught me as a parent to also understand that your child may not be a natural or the best at the game and my boy is rather clumsy and accident prone but that's Finley and yes I can see the other children notice this but they are not mean to him they give him a chance. He loves every Tuesday going to training, so proud to be in his kit and I can see improvement every week with him .

So happy I found The Champion's Soccer Academy and recommend all parents that are looking for the above for their child to give it a go and you will soon see you made the right decision like me.

Thank you Frankie, Pete and all your team"

Marie Williams, Swansea