Anyone Can Throw The Boys a Ball and Ask Them To Get On With It

but TCSA Coaches are specialists who know specifically how to improve each player


Frankie came in with one of his coaches to put on a demonstration for two groups of students at St Michael’s School. Both sessions were a big success as the children really enjoyed.

Frankie then followed this up by giving an engaging talk to all the pupils in a morning Assembly. He interacted well with the students and had a number of them out of the audience to do demonstrations of how he helps his players improve their confidence, focus and ability to learn and perform.

Frankie also helped the students learn how these skills can be useful in life.

When we sat down to discuss the idea of setting up The Champion’s Soccer Academy’s Player Development Programme at our school, I initially told Frankie I thought it was too expensive. But I decided to at least give it a go and put it out to the parents . The response was significant, with 16 players signing up within a week.

It was tough in the beginning juggling the timetable but it was well worth the effort. Now, three 10 week programmes later I can tell you that these sessions represent excellent value for money.

This has been the first time that many of the boys have committed to an activity on a regular basis and carried it through. One student was notorious for joining new activities and then giving up after one or two sessions.  Well, he has hardly missed a session!

Another student has really learned to be more patient with his classmates whereas before he was prone to outbursts and tantrums. Overall, there are far less arguments among the boys in and around the school. They have really learned to get along and work better together . They have improved fair play, teamwork and are now taking responsibility for their learning and actions - all strong themes of TCSA sessions.

The boys have brought their better sense of fair play to the classroom as well. They are more focused and tend to simply get on with things better.

Apart from the effect on Academic life, I would say the boys have had a lot of fun! They are always talking about the sessions and what they are learning…and nagging me to check that it is on!

It has been of great value to have an expert in to take the sessions. Anyone can throw the boys a ball and ask them to get on with it, but TCSA Coaches are specialists who know specifically how to improve each player, and have the coaching and teaching skills to do it. This is so important as at the primary school level, there are few P.E. trained teachers.

Many of the boys have improved their game significantly and their confidence has grown as a result.

I highly recommend The Champion’s Soccer Academy to any schools looking to improve the behaviour focus and confidence of their children".

Kay Seward, Head of Prep School, St Michael’s School, Llanelli