The Work That Mr. Burrows Did With The Pupil Clearly Had a Positive Effect

"Mr. Frankie Burrows of TCSA, worked with one of our male Year 6 pupils, in the previous academic year (2011/2012) for a period of 6 months. At the beginning of this period, the boy was well behind in his classwork. He was unresponsive in class and struggled with reading and spelling.

In my opinion the work that Mr. Burrows did with the pupil clearly had a positive effect. He was more willing to ask for help and his attitude toward his work improved, particularly in smaller groups. He also took full responsibility for getting himself to school on time, which is something that he had never done before.

I think that some of the learning strategies suggested by Mr. Burrows helped the child's spelling and reading to make measurable improvements".

Mr Paul Rees, Year 6 Teacher, Sketty School, Swansea